Green Lantern - Updates 5.21.2011 *Green Lantern Corps

With the Green Lantern movie release date June 17, 2011 fast approaching, it looks like they producers of the film are trying to build up some hype.  Another Green Lantern Trailer is here for your viewing pleasure

I still can't get past Ryan Reynolds.  Maybe I'm too judgmental?  Really, I suppose it shouldn't matter that he plays the same bozo character in every movie he has been in and he can't act.  Despite my pessimistic nature, lets hope Reynolds doesn't turn the movie into the Green HO!

Who is the Villain ? 

Parallax: The alien Parallax is the living embodiment of fear, and he manages to free himself from his prison inside the Central Power Battery by stroking Hal Jordan's sense of fear and self-doubt. Out and about in the world and bound to Hal Jordan, its fear is powerful enough to bring down Superman.  It looks like DC Comics even had Parallax possess The Flash, amongst others.........

This trailer is narrated by Geoffrey Rush (who voices the Green Lantern named Tomar-Re).  It gives some history some immortal aliens and some powerful green light.
Really though, It's actually a good trailer giving a little history on the Green Lantern Corps. Sorry no HD, there isn't one. I'll update it when there is.