Denon DHT-FS3 Home Theater in a Box (HTIB)

The Denon DHT-FS3 Home Theater in a Box is a two-piece, easy solution.   I have mentioned this several times in the past.  Ensure you don't think you're buying a home theater system that can compete with separate components and speakers.  It cannot.  This is a solution for a space and cash limited consumer who is looking to improve they're audio and acquire a home theater "surround sound" from their flat panel television.   It wasn't designed to be a 5.1 system, just to emulate or mimic the 5.1 surround sound effect.
As you can see, the slick look certainly makes it appealing.  The high-gloss ebony finish subwoofer can be placed easily on the floor, below or beside your television. Dolby and DTS decoders, along with the new X-Space technology, deliver exceptional, spatial surround sound. The system comes supplied with an IR wireless remote control designed for easy use and comes preprogrammed with IR codes to operate other brand devices. The Denon DHT-FS3 Home Theater in a Box slimdesign enables easy placement in front of a TV Experience outstanding home theater sound without filling your room with speakers. 

The Denon DHT-FS3 Home Theater in a Box delivers three-dimensional sound for your TV shows, movies, and music using just two speakers.  The center speaker was designed to sit above or below your flat-panel TV, and the subwoofer is small enough that you can place it anywhere, even below or beside the coffee table. "Surround sound made simple", as Denon puts it.  The ‘FS3 includes its own built-in amplification  no separate receiver required. The front speaker gives you multi-directional sound, thanks to proprietary Denon processing and six built-in drivers. 

X-Space surround
 The DHT-FS3 is equipped with Denon’s unique X-Space Surround algorithm analysis technology making it possible to achieve surround effects with plenty of presence using just a two speaker system consisting of a front speaker unit and a subwoofer. This enables coverage of a wide listening area and makes for great freedom in selecting where to install the system. Surround sound is achieved with only two speakers so there is little interference between speakers resulting in a natural sound.
X-Space Surround uses fine equalization processing to bring out the best of the unit’s performance making it possible to recreate everything from the most delicate details of music to powerful movie scenes. 

The DHT-FS3 comes equipped with an integrated amplifier, Dolby Digital/DTS/Pro-Logic II Decoder, and speaker combo which makes adding surround sound to your existing television quick and easy. 

The front speaker unit consists of six front-firing 1-way, 3-5/32″ (8cm) 6-ohm, video shielded drivers and a 22 watt x 5-channel (speakers) + 40 watts x 1-channel (subwoofer) amplifier. The six 3-5/32″ drivers have a frequency response of 150 Hz to 20,000 Hz. This array of speakers inside the one enclosure offers a simulated surround sound effect due to the system’s integrated Dolby Digital, DTS and Pro Logic II decoders. The front speaker unit also features a green LCD display for displaying source, volume and surround information.  

The Denon DHT-FS3 subwoofer houses a single, side-firing, 6-19/64″ (16cm), 3-ohm cone type woofer with a 40W Amplifier. The subwoofer can handle frequencies from 45 Hz to 150 Hz. The subwoofer also feature a rear-firing port for added efficiency and bass response. The subwoofer features a proprietary 2-pin connector on the rear panel for connection to the front speaker unit of the system using the supplied 10′ subwoofer cable. 

Connectivity is one feature this product could improve on.  It doesn't include HDMI or video switching.  Multiple audio inputs lets you connect your TV, DVD player, gaming system, or whatever (Just not HDMI). 2 Stereo analog ports, one coaxil port and two optical ports.  Now with that being said, this product was after all designed for tight spaces and as an add on to a Television.  As a result, if that is what you are buying it for, you really won't need an HDMI or video switching as your TV is already plugged into your PS3 or your TV or whatever.  This is just an audio device.

With its small and attractive design, measuring 14.5 x 38.3 x 17 inches and only 15 pounds this system is a breeze to setup.  Those who fear the entire audio video concept could setup this system with no problem at all.  It also comes with wall mounting accessories. The base unit includes feet that can be used to adjust the height of the front speaker unit and the system is designed to match flat panel TV monitor 30 inches or longer. The subwoofer features a one-touch connection. With this being said.  This is a perfect solution for a consumer looking for something to go with the decor or even improve it while giving them some better sound without any hassle.  You could literally plug an optical cable from your TV and press play on anything connected to your television already.

Denon DHT-FS3 Home Theater in a Box supports the Denon Control for iPod docking station.

I don't know what Denon was thinking when the priced this product but the MSRP is $1199 ! So it appears things are looking up its less than half price :)