Battlefield 3 Updates 5.3.2011

Battlefield 3 is coming this fall.  I just pre-ordered  a copy as it's the one shooter that in my opinion, has the longterm gameplay factor with the enormous map sizes and the destructible multiplayer environments.

I found a recent interview with Battlefield 3's executive producer Patrick Bach who said that "BF3 has no reason to be dumbed down, hinting that Battlefield 3 will be the biggest and best Battlefield game released thus far.  EA isn't going to copy CoD's formula, but really make something better".

He also stated, "Gamers are smart people. Our goal is always to build a better Battlefield game by keeping what makes Battlefield great: huge and tight battles, vehicles and infantry, destruction, the possibility to use different play styles and everything else.

Battlefield 3 will definitely be the best and biggest Battlefield game we've ever built."

Destructible Environments   :)
All Terrain Vehicles, Planes and Helicopters  :)

This trailer is a Fan-made trailer that adds some music to spice it up (1080p)

Battlefield 3 Limited Edition Pre-order (XBOX360, Playstation 3 (PS3) or PC versions)