Armageddon Riders release date? Coming Soon

Now just think wouldn't it be great to have zombies, fast cars and blood on your windshield?

The game was initially developed by Targem Games (Russian Developers) and as a result it has been available there for 2 years already.

It appears these game developers thought of everything.  Armageddon Riders is a game that is scheduled to be released May 2011.  Now I had never heard of it till I saw this trailer but it definitely looks like fun.


The player controls a racing vehicle in a small city. They must travel to a beacon in the area to start a story mission, side mission, or enter the garage (the player can choose which). There are five [confirmation needed] types of events:

  • Arena: The player must waste a certain number of opponents - that try to do the same - within the time limit
  • Race: The player must race some rivals around a circuit, and end up in at least 3rd place
  • Gathering: The player must collect a number of artifacts scattered across the town. Each one provides more time
  • Hunt: Destroy as many cars roaming the city as possible, before they collect all the artifacts
  • Protect: The player must defend a car collecting artifacts as other vehicles attack it.
To help the player, there is a radar and compass. The car can be upgraded in the garage using money collected, and new cars can be won. Nitrous can be deployed to speed the car up - This depletes quickly, but squishing zombies, jumps and powerslides will replenish it. Some powerups are scattered around the city, but they only increase damage inflicted, repair the car, or fill the nitrous gauge.

Story?(Surprisingly enough there is one.  I'm unsure if this storyline has been used in the Version being released now but it was the storyline in the version that was released 2 years ago in Russia)

September 24, 2006 As a result of failure in performance of the collider in the international research institute of Atom-city, an anomaly known as 'White Ring' developed. The appearance of this anomaly was accompanied by forceful energy blowouts.

The emergency evacuation was initiated, but only 5 to 7 per cent of the inhabitants were able to flee from the city. The vast majority of the remainders either died or passed into some somnambulic state after they had been exposed to radiation.
It was reported that by September 27th no survivors had been left in the city.
September 30, 2006 The UN Special Commission declared the city a restricted disaster area. The city was isolated by the military forces in order to prevent the contamination from spreading.The official mass media kept quiet about these events, but they couldn't completely avoid publicity. The confined city became a Mecca for smugglers, escapees, and bounty hunters. Due to the expansion of the special area it was impossible to track the routs of intrusion into the confined area.The situation has been stabilized at the moment. The area decontamination plan is under development.

 For some reason the American release was delayed and as a result this this game does appear a little dated.  PS3 Release is scheduled for May 4th and XBOX/PC releases both state T.B.A.

Well if you're really into Zombie killing with fast cars. I suppose you'll wait :)