Aerial Acoustics System 1

Aerial Acoustics System 1 

It appears space saving is even a concern when you have too much cash to spend on your audio video needs.

This is the aerial Acoustics System 1.  A system designed to compliment your home and any screen from 100" to 135".  The components are designed to surround the screen to create a uniform look only 12" deep.

Its modular design allows SYSTEM 1 to accommodate video screens of different sizes, types and aspect ratios. Whether your screen has an HDTV 16×9 or CinemaScope 2.35:1 aspect ratio, is flat or curved, or incorporates variable masking, each SYSTEM 1 includes everything required to create an assembly seemingly tailor-made to your specifications. What’s more, unlike completely customized built-in systems, the adaptable SYSTEM 1 can be moved to a different space or re-sized for a different screen.

If the look doesn't impress you, check out the components of the Aerial Acoustics System 1:

S1 Column 
(4) 7" woofers, (2) 6" midranges and (1) 1" tweeter.

This S1 column is offered in vertical versions (as seen below) for main channels and horizontal versions with properly aligned mid and tweeter drivers for optimal dispersion.

The S1 Column is priced at $4,500 each.

 S1 Subwoofers & Amplifiers

Dual 10" Kevlar-Nomex cones 600watt all balanced amplifiers; flat frequency response down to 20Hz
Priced at $5,000 each


To build a 7.2 Aerial Acoustics System the price will run you around $32,000. Guaranteed with these components the result will be worth it   Hell, I think you could bring your buddies over just to stare at it with some beers and have a great time without even turning it on!

This product really should be mandatory in every mans home.

Well I suppose that could result in 2 things.  Either men will never leave their homes or........women all over the world will get really creative, finding new ways to distract their men and help them focus on the important things in life.

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