ZIPPY BT-637 Bluetooth keyboard for everything

Now I'm sitting here on my couch typing this on my bluetooth keyboard on my 50" in my livingroom. I have always found it annoying having to switch stuff around to control my other devices.

Now it looks like someone found a solution.

AVS Gear Inc., a leading manufacturer of computer peripherals, recently announced the availability of the latest addition to the line of Bluetooth keyboards, BT-637 Zippy. With fast-switching technology, users can rotate between six different devices in a few seconds.  But that's not all.

The BT-637 Bluetooth ZIPPY wireless keyboard is also offers advanced features and convenience for home theater enthusiasts. Trim Packaged in an elegant glossy black with a brushed aluminum finish, this wireless keyboard quick access pass technology. Within seconds, the user can quickly switch from one device to another medium, like a game console, Web TV, HTPC, tablet laptop, etc. It also provides a built-in touchpad users quickly search items easily scroll up or down with just two fingers. Finally, provide the selection keys quickly closed with immediate access to frequently used applications.

AVS Gear ZIPPY BT-637 Wireless Keyboard for Internet TV, HTPC and Tablet with Touchpad features:
  • Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • Built in touchpad mouse with scrolling function
  • Built in 2 mouse button.
  • Built in aluminum palm rest
  • 8 touch keys (Touchpad lock, HOME, EMAIL, BACK, FORWARD, SEARCH, MUTE and REFRESH).
  • Specifically designed for HTPC setup or MCE application.
  • Embedded 13 MCE keys - MCE, My TV, My Videos, My Music, My Pictures, Record TV, DVD, Back Track, Next Track, Play/Pause, Stop, Vol +, Vol -
  •  Patented scissor-key structure, positive response and super quiet.
  • Effective range up to 30-ft(10m) the perfect data-input solutions for Digital Living-Rooms!
  • ON/OFF switch for battery saving
  • Low Battery Indicator

    AVS Gear expanded its offerings with the new BT-637 Bluetooth ZIPPY Wireless keyboard with integrated touchpad. The keypad is housed in an elegant glossy black trim with a brushed aluminum finish, and has two mouse buttons and touchpad. It uses Bluetooth 2.0 wireless technology and includes the fast switch technology that allows users to quickly switch from one device to another carrier permits.

    AVS Gear ZIPPY BT-637 Wireless Keyboard for Internet TV, HTPC and Tablet with Touchpad Price?  It is very reasonable considering...ZIPPY the BT-637 works with most Bluetooth devices such as laptops, smart phones, HTPC.

    This thing puts my Bluetooth keyboard to shame.