Thor Movie Clip /w Hawkeye

As time has progressed I think this movie is growing on me.  I thought they would have screwed this one up royally but maybe Thor(played by Chris Hemsworth) will smash this one out of the box office on May 6th.  I guess we will find out.  I do know with that Hammer and all the thunder and lightning, this movie will be a Home Theater Classic that will put every Theater to the test.

This video is event-less but I saw this clip the other day and I think that's Hawkeye just chilling up there.

Hawkeye(Clint Barton), AKA Goliath and Ronin, is another character from the Avengers that was created by Stan Lee.  He's basically another orphaned kid turned Superhero Bad-ass.  He's played by Jeremy Renner also cast in the Avengers Movie thats coming soon.(Check the menu under MOVIES N GAMES)

 Here's some more Artwork for those who are interested.  If you want to see the other trailers that have been released, Check here