Sony BRAVIA KDL32EX720 32-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED *Under $1000

Bill Righteous from Billsworld had asked if the Sony Bravia KDL32EX720 32" 3D LED TV was a good option for a computer screen (gaming i assume).  Gotta say Bill. You have a good eye.

Sony BRAVIA 32" 3D LED TV (KDL32EX72)

This is an excellent option for those with a limited budget looking for top of the line tech including networking and 3D capabilities.  You will not find many options in this price range with this quality.  I may venture to say you will find nothing in this price range when looking for 3D LED Televisions despite the size 32" it's jam packed with features.

The first thing we have to touch on there is Sony's "Edge LED Backlighting".  This techology
allows full HD 1080p picture as well as 3D technology (3D Active Glasses sold separately). This doesn't mean you cant watch 2D video on these televisions.  In fact, if you've ever seen it. It improves the picture.  Sony explains this LED Backlighting technology as follows:

"Experience the next level of picture quality and contrast with Sony’s Edge LED Backlighting. This technology sharpens image contrast, giving an amazingly crisp picture that you’ll notice right away. In addition to being more energy efficient than other backlighting technoligies, this also allows for a slimmer, sleeker design."

Next is a point that is one of the most vital features for an awesome experience watching your television.  The Sony BRAVIA (KDL32EX72) uses what they call an X-Reality with MotionFlow XR 240hz.

The X-Reality engine brings out the best by analyzing each scene so you see sharpened images, and high-contrast detail.  "MotionFlow XR 240" is essentially a comedic classification sony calls their 240hz motion blur tech.  This technology isn't unheard of but it is at this price point. essentially what this does is eliminates (or reduces) the motion blur that is inevitable with video.  Some HDTVs use 60hz refresh rates and really it cannot be compared especially when watching fast-action scenes.  This feature reduces the blur caused by quick camera movements, enhancing image sharpness and clearity.

Internet Streaming & Connectivity
  • Internet Streaming & Widgets. Enjoy Internet favorites on your television. In addition to Qriocity, watch hit movies with Netflix, popular TV shows on Hulu Plus, or user-generated video on YouTube. Or listen to personalized music on Pandora, and plenty more–enjoy a huge selection of Internet content at your fingertips. And with Internet Widgets, you can access news headlines, weather updates, or play games while you watch TV.
  • Skype Ready. Connect to friends and family all over the globe with Internet voice and video calls using your TV. Make free HD 720p video Skype-to-Skype calls and low-cost Skype-to-phone calls with the addition of a Sony compact microphone/camera (sold separately).
  • Wi-Fi Ready. Going wireless is easy with the UWA-BR100 Wi-Fi adapter (sold separately). Just plug it in and get ready to stream movies, photos, music and videos straight to your TV from the Internet or your home network. If you’d prefer a wired connection, use the built-in Ethernet port and you’re all set.
  • DLNA Streaming. Access and share photos, videos and music on your TV by streaming them from compatible DLNA devices like your PC, Playstation 3 system, network storage, etc.
Now I'll tell you right now.  This TV at $1000 is a deal but the price is under $1000.  With the 3D capability and the networking with the 240hz.  You will not find a better television at this price.  This is a TV that will pass the "Futureproof" test, allowing you to use it for several years to come without requiring a new purchase to meet up to new technology standards.  The media streaming capabilities are really stellar in this regard.  With the Wi-fi and DLNA streaming, you essentially will be able to plug it in and play anything from not only the usb port but your existing computers and most likely anything connected to your router.

Nice look Bill.  End of the day if you have no need for the 3D or the networking then I might suggest you go for something cheaper.  I will review a couple with that in mind.  you can get 1080p 32" TVs easily under $500 now.  If you're only using it as a monitor, I may recommend going that route.  More money in your pocket leaves time for the real important things ;)