Shang Tsung Vignette / Nightwolf Trailer MK9 Updates 4.11.2011

 Tsang Tsung

Tsang Tsung has always been a bad ass in the Mortal Combat universe.  This game is no different.

As we'll see here in this very enlightening video, Shang Tsung is not originally from Outworld. The incarnation of the story has the sorcerer discovering a portal and pledging his loyalty to Shao Kahn in return for his iconic powers rather than being cursed by the Elder Gods to consume souls to sustain his youth, though presumably that fact can still be assumed. As mentioned in his Mortal Kombat: Armageddon bio, Shang Tsung is magically bound to Shao Kahn due to this process. Not much is revealed gameplay wise, though we do see Shang make his entrance with his iconic "Your soul is mine!" line as he enters combat disguised as his opponent. He is able to use his morphing ability for the first time since Mortal Kombat Trilogy, but it is limited to whoever he is facing. Interestingly enough, he appears once again in his older form inspired from Mortal Kombat 1, raising the question whether or not his youthful appearance is his main costume or an alternate. As is typical with these trailers, a teaser for a fatality is shown near the end. In this, Shang Tsung seems to possess his victim with his malevolent powers and forces them to rip off their own head with their bare hands.


Personally, I've always been a beliver that Nightwolf is a HO. 
Nightwolf's signature moves including his Bow and Arrows and Sprit Knives play a prominent role as he duels with the likes of Sonya, Scorpion and Ermac with his Shoulder Charge, Lightning Strike and features his prowess with his spirit knives incorporating them into some devastating combos. This trailer also showing some of the enhanced variations. His gameplay showreel finishes with his Tomahawk embedding X-Ray.