Roku XD / XDS Wireless Streaming Media player

Roku XD Wireless Digital Media Player

The Roku XD Wireless Digital Media Player XD is the cheaper alternative to the flagship Roku XDS set top box. The XD lacks USB, component video out and dual-band Wi-Fi that the XDS does include.  However, the new Roku XD supports 1080p HD quality.

The Roku XD is an HD media player that will work with any standard or Hi-Def TV sets. Just connect it and you will have a streaming media entertainment center at home. It comes equipped with a wireless remote with instant replay button. It also uses the extended range and faster speed of 802.11n Wi-Fi signal. Should you not have a Wi-Fi router, it’s still okay because the Roku XD also has a regular wired Ethernet port.

The Roku XD Media Player also has an HDMI out for HDTV. It can stream Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu Plus, and sports broadcasts from Major League Baseball and National Hockey League. You can also use it as a radio unit. It can tune in to most internet radios and also streams on-demand content from Radio, MP3tunes, Pandora and MOG.

For under $100 I was quite impressed by the Roku XD and the Roku XDS Media Boxes.
They are perfect for anyone who wants an easy setup.

  1. Plug it in to your TV
  2. Add it to your home network. Whether your home is wireless or wired(Onscreen walkthrough)
  3. Press Play. Choose your entertainment, and control it with the handy remote. 
Heres the specifications / components:
  • Remote control with Instant Replay
  • Two AAA batteries
  • Audio/Video Outputs: HDMI, Optical, Composite A/V (red/white/yellow), Component Video (requires XDS adapter cable)
  • Connectivity: Wireless N dual-band (B/G/N compatible), Ethernet, USB
  • Composite (red/white/yellow) A/V cable
  • Power adapter
  • Getting Started guide
  • One year warranty

Roku XD Rear panel

Recognize that the above specs are for the XDS model that is $20 more.  Again, XD model lacks the Wireless N dual band connectivity, USB port, component and digital optical ports(if you're using an HDMI cable who cares about thesee ports, really).  For the $20 unless you have no wireless connectivity in your home, I would recommend you purchase the XDS or you'll be kicking yourself later.  Especially if you want to move it around into your bedroom or wherever.
Roku XDS Rear Panel