Onkyo HTX 22HDX 2.1 "Ultra Compact" HTIB

The audio that comes from your TV speakers sucks.  Here's another product that is targeted at those HDTV consumers who want to upgrade their TV audio or computer speakers.  It is a HTIB (Home Theater in a Box) that makes everything simple.  Buy one thing plug it in and press play.

Onkyo HTX 22HDX 2.1

I must make it clear.  This is not an option for someone looking for high end accurate sound.
However, it is an extremely popular product which I can assume is a result of simplicity,price and future upgradability.

Here are the Specs on this product:

  • 25 Watts per Channel (FL/FR/C/SL/SR) at 6 Ohms, 1 kHz, 1%, 1 Channel Driven, FTC; 60 Watts (Subwoofer) at 3 Ohms, 100 Hz, 1 Channel Driven, FTC
  • HDMI with Deep Color , x.v.Color , LipSync, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio , DVD-Audio, Super Audio CD, Multichannel PCM, and CEC
  • Audio and 1080p Video Processing via HDMI (3 Inputs and 1 Output)
  • Theater-Dimensional Virtual Surround Function
  • Overlaid On-Screen Display (OSD) via HDMI
Receiver built into Subwoofer

Generally I wouldn't recommend 2.1 systems for any use but music.  This is a different story.  The Onkyo HTX 22HDX 2.1 system has all digital inputs, in fact it has more than I've seen on any 2.1 system.  It's receiver allows digital audio as a result.  As an example, the Mac uses analogue audio out which doesn't allow digital surround sound as this product does.  You might think this is irrelevant for a 2.1 system, but the HTX-22HDX has connections for adding speakers to transform it into a 5.1, or even 7.1, setup if you would like in the future.

Setup is simple and it has a lot of connectivity for an HTIB of this type.

It has 3 HDMI 1.4a inputs that let you connect up everything from Blu-ray players or PS3s, Apple TV or your computer(which would be an excellent move instead of computer speakers) with a pass-through to your TV.   It also has 2 optical, 1 coaxial input and a couple of RCA connections

As mentioned before.  This product is upgradeable to 5.1, 7.1 and using 1.4a HDMI technology it does also support 3D and ARC(audio return channel). For more information on that click this link to explain the benefits of HDMI 1.4a

Supporting TrueHD, DTS-HD and PCM audio also makes this a feasible surround sound option if you do choose to upgrade to 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.  Because it can decode this lossless audio you can get accurate sound reproduction through this system.

Another couple of features Onkyo has pitched on this system include Onkyo’s proprietary VLSC((Vector Linear Shaping Circuitry) on both front channels to mitigate the effect of signal noise. Used in digital-to-analog conversion, this circuit converts bit data between two discrete sampling points, which are then joined with analog vectors to produce a smooth output wave form. The result is a noiseless, smooth analog signal based on the digital source.   Digital sources generally have audio being sent to the surround speakers and as a result, a 2.1 system processing these signals would be missing something or sending too much data to your fronts.  This is the reason this feature is necessary.

Onkyo’s Theater-Dimensional circuitry streamlines the conventional surround-speaker setup by allowing you to experience the excitement of surround sound from as few as two standard speakers.  They call this Immersive Surround.  As a space saver, you can place up to five speakers beside the TV and still enjoy impressively realistic virtual surround sound.

The controls on the front panel are simple and I would definately recommend this product to its target.  Those looking for a simple "today" solution and they don't want the speakers and setup to complicate their room.  While I don't think Onkyo was targeting these consumers, I think this would be an ideal replacement for those using computer speakers.  It would blow you away in comparison. The Onkyo HTX 22HDX 2.1 HTIB gives you that space saving option even if you choose to go 5.1/7.1.  This product is small and attractive so it can compliment any HDTV or computer.  With that being said, its sound quality as a 2.1 system will not compete with any full 5.1 or 7.1 surround system. But it does give you the option to do it when you can afford it or feel like it.