Onkyo CS-445 iPod / iPhone / CD Mini System* Affordable options

In reviewing home theater products I've really missed a piece of the market that several consumers is looking for.  iPod / iPhone solutions.  I've come across a solid product that could provide a space saving, affordable solution for those who aren't looking to spend a big wad of cash on a full surround sound system.

 Thanks to its compact size, this versatile audio mini system can be set up virtually anywhere in the home. Driving the system is a combined CD-receiver that handles regular CDs as well as recordable CDs encoded with compressed audio files. Playback options are further expanded by a built-in iPhone /iPod dock that lets you hook up and recharge your device.(So you can save by buying a charger that can blast your tunes too)

Onkyo’s enviable track record in home audio, the processing and amplification circuitry are second to none. Completing the system are two precision-crafted bookshelf speakers featuring Onkyo’s proprietary OMF diaphragms.


  • 40 W/Ch, 4 Ohms, 1 kHz, 10%, 2 Channels Driven
  • Compatible iPhone/iPod Models: iPhone, iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod nano
  • Composite Video Output (Including Video Out for iPhone/iPod)
  • Subwoofer Pre Out
  • iPhone/iPod Control with Supplied Remote
Technical Details
  • 3 Repeat Modes for CD (Track/Full/Folder)
  • 4 Play Modes for CD (Normal/Memory/Random/Folder)
  • Digital Amplifier
  • Sleep Timer
  • Wake-Up Timer 

    As you can see, this is ideal for those who just wish to listen to music from cd(including burned ones) or from their iPhone or iPod.  the subwoofer Pre Out is a perfect finish as you could stay reasonably priced and acquire quality sound that could rock your place.  I might recommend something like the Polk Audio PSW10. This is a 10" sub that would compliment this stereo perfectly.

    Just so you know what we're talking about.  This is a 2 (2.1 capable) channel stereo system.  2-Channel is essentially front left and right speakers which is ideal for music as the mass majority is created and distributed in 2-channel audio.  Due to the low price(under $300) and the ability to add a subwoofer for just over $300, I would think for those who are using iPhone or iPod technology that this would be perfect to throw in your weight room or kitchen, bedroom or really anywhere.  With its puny size of 8.4 x 3.8 x 13.2" (205 x 98 x 334mm) this receiver will pack a punch.