Mortal Kombat Released! Fight!

 So finally, Mortal Kombat has now been released!

Mortal Kombat has been the most awaited game ever.

Some details or causes of its popularity:

  • Fatalities return to their original violent form as Mortal Kombat gives its fans what they've been demanding - graphic details
  • With classic 2D fighting plane, mature presentation, and up to 4 player tag-team kombat Mortal Kombat introduces an all new fighting mechanic that's both accessible and provides the depth that fighting game players look for
  • The deepest story mode of any fighting game as players are taken back to the original Mortal Kombat tournament where they try to alter the events of the past in an attempt to save the future
  • In addition to an enhanced online feature set, Mortal Kombat introduces Co-op arcade mode and many additional modes to be announced in the upcoming months.

I hope those of you who were watching were kept aprised of the updates on the release by coming by.  I thought I would just leave the topic with some pictures and couple videos reviewing all the Brutality the game has to offer.  A complimation of all the Fatalities in the game.

If you want to see all the progression, HD Trailers and updates take a look through the menu under MOVIES N GAMES or just click here to get started.

I've included a link below to purchase the game from Amazon.com for those of you who are hungry.
It appears to be the cheapest price so far.  Its only $3 difference but with free shipping? may as well go by a Red Bull for your first game :)


Here you can purchase the Standard or Kollectors edition from Amazon.

Standard for PS3/XBOX360

Kollectors Edition for PS3/XBOX360