JBL Air WEM-1 (Wireless Expansion Module) / Extender * Wireless Speaker Options

With the rate at which technology is improving and prices are dropping, many are still wanting a home theater but just require a Wireless option so they can enjoy the sound without the unsightly wires that may be impractical, impossible or just plain uglyf.  Especially with surround sound systems, where wires can be quite inconvenient and less than attractive unless hidden properly.

What we have here is a solid solution to this problem.  With the JBL Wireless Expansion Module you can use wireless speakers out of  your existing home theater system.  It has also been designed to create a system from scratch if you've just chosen to go wireless for whatever reason.

I've seen this product in action and in comparison with other wireless products?  It is outstanding.  The JBL WEM-1 50W amplifier is the only wireless speaker product I've seen that provides 50W RMS power (or continuous/true power).  For the most part, products on the market don't provide more than 25W of power.

The transmitter connects to the source using either line or speaker level inputs.  Unlike most 2.4GHz systems, the transmitter and receiver are not paired at the factory but instead, have to be paired by the user by selecting a suitable common channel on both the transmitter and receiver. In total, the JBL system comes with four user-selectable communication channels.  This is definately a plus, ensuring a solid connection while makeing it possible to use say a second receiver unit paired to the same transmitter to send audio to a second room. Alternatively you can use a second JBL wireless kit to wirelessly drive both the rear and back channels in a 7.1 speaker setup.

The receiver/amplifier offers equalization settings for several speaker types. A local input on the receiver module allows the user to hook up a portable device like an MP3 or gaming system to the amplifier.  It also has a subwoofer out port. 

The JBL WEM-1 kit comes with a remote control to adjust the volume from your listening position as well as to select the input on the receiver amplifier as the signal source. A solid option that many similar products miss. 

The JBL WEB-1 also has an Auto On/Standby feature. The JBL On Air WEM-1 wireless speaker amplifier kit will automatically enter the Standby mode after approximately 10 minutes when no signal is detected from your system. It also powers on instantly when a signal is detected. 

This is an excellent option for those who want to avoid wires.  The JBL WEM-1 provides solid power, mobility and convenience to existing speakers or for that person who just doesn't want the wires.  A friend of mine uses it in his apartment to move speakers from his room, to rear channel on his surround sound or on his deck.  Invaluable.  Works well connected to stream audio from a computer or ipod, iPhone or iPad.

I've included a link here to pick it up as well as some speakers that were specifically designed for the JBL WEM-1. If you're going wireless this is a solid clean option that will destroy competitors with a much cleaner sound.