Dream Speakers Pt.5

Now to continue with the Dream Speaker theme here are a line of speakers that will blow anyone away.

Arrakis MK II by Rockport Technologies 

This is an Ultra Hi-End loudspeaker which received outstanding reviews from 2007-2009 for its absolutely amazing engineering and sound quality.  Rockport technologies has been around developing and engineering high end speakers since 1991.

They feature the infamous D’Appolito Midrange-Tweeter Configuration, in addition to a tower profile complete with two 15" side-firing Subwoofers, each mounted near the top and bottom of the cabinet. The speakers each sport a 4-way 7-driver configuration on each cabinet with five forward drivers.  Also, monocoque fiber shell filled with Composite material weighted at hefty 450 Kgs each. The new Arrakis MK II was installed with the new development Berrylium tweeter driver from Scanspeak for ultra high transparency in top octave.

The front panel is covered by carbon fiber layer.

Rockport proprietary carbon driver, driver motor by Audio Technology.

All Arrakis MK II was shipped in Bi-Amp configuration which included the Rockport Custom Active Crossover in the system.

At nearly 7' high 3' deep and 900 pounds I hope you've been working out before you try and pick these up.

 If you're interested, the MSRP was $225,000 a pair

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