Dream Speakers Pt.4

Bang & Olufsen Beolab 5 Loudspeakers

Few hi-fi companies go all the way back to 1925. The Danish Bang & Olufsen operation, better known as B&O, has not only been in business that long; they’ve also come up with more than their fair share of hi-fi innovation in those nearly 80 years.

Now as a reputible hi-fi developer, B & O has engineered some speakers here that have been called by some, "The best speakers ever made".

Now the Beolab 5 weigh 124 pounds and cost $16,000 USD a pair. But besides its four-way driver lineup and an intriguing method of controlling sound dispersion, the 5 also includes several thousand (?!?!??! Yep several thousand) watts of amplification and some very clever digital signal processing. 

 The style of these speakers is my kind of style.  They are extremely modern and unconventional while still somewhat simple.   But this unusual and complex form, made of rib-reinforced structural plastics, closely follows function. 

The big bonus of a cone shape is that it enables a relatively compact and visually discreet design to accommodate a 15" downfiring bass driver, mounted in the base.

The engineering and complex build of these speakers would allow them to play every frequency of sound.  If you have the cash for them, they would be worth the money.