Avengers update 4.6.2011 - Hulk Sequel Depends on The Avengers?

Mark Ruffalo has yet to take over the role of Dr. Bruce Banner, a.k.a. the Hulk, in the upcoming Marvel adaptation of The Avengers, and has already been asked about whether there will be another sequel movie to follow 2008's The Incredible Hulk. Last October, Ruffalo revealed Marvel had several future projects lined up, and teased that "possibly there will be a Hulk movie" amongst those projects. Tim Blake Nelson, who played Dr. Samuel Sterns in The Incredible Hulk, also revealed that he was still contracted for more Marvel movies and could return as the Hulk nemesis The Leader if Marvel makes a Hulk sequel.

In a recent interview with Total Film, Ruffalo explained that another Hulk depends on the success of The Avengers.

    They sort of set up several pictures at once, but a lot is riding on this first one. There will probably be a couple more Avengers movies, which would be fun to do. I don’t know if they will ever do another Hulk. How old is The Hulk meant to be? Six years from now I will be in my 50s!

Ruffalo will be the third actor to play the part since Eric Bana appeared as Banner in 2003's The Hulk. Edward Norton played the role for The Incredible Hulk, but was replaced by Ruffalo, who will not only play the human Dr. Banner, but is also playing the CGI-animated Hulk via motion-capture technology. Earlier this month, Ruffalo described the process, saying that he's seen the early results from a recent test where he wore a "skinny little suit with reflective balls all over it" that allowed animators to "digitally put 2,000lbs of muscle onto my body".

Joss Whedon will direct The Avengers from his own script, which will combine almost all of Marvel cinematic heroes, including Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris Evans as Captain America, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye,  and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.  oh....I almost forgot Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow.

I see the resemblance.  Do you?

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