TRON 3 Teaser Trailer - Tron Legacy Blu-Ray Release / Pre-Order

Here we go again.
Some hated.....I loved it. Tron 3 a sequel immediately following the last installment is coming. This Trailer "The Next day" is intended to be included on the new Blu-Ray release of Tron coming. (You can check this article to see several HD Trailers and clips of Tron Legacy or to ORDER that Blu-Ray release here, which is available April 5)

Now despite this trailer being on the new Blu-ray, it's been said that this is entirely rumor.  Looking into it, it appears Legacy wasn’t enough of a hit ($397 million worldwide gross on a $170 million production budget) for Disney to justify making a followup just yet.  It has been said by Disney Excecutives that this may not happen for a while.

Who knows maybe they're just taking they're time and making things interesting................