New LG HT752TP / HT702TN Home Theater in a Box

Really I haven't been a fan of much techology of this type but I have to admit.  This appears unique.


LG has developed a high-end model of ‘flat home theater’ or 'Pyramid'.  This highly advanced model HT752TP touts to generate ‘10.1″ virtual surround sound.

To create the impression of 10 individual speaker locations the system accumulates some additional channels between its standard 5 speaker surround setup.

The specs include DVD, touch sensitive keys, HDMI and USB host port with 5.1 arrangement to give 10.1 channel simulated audio and exterior painted with clear acrylic which looks like a pyramid with aluminum flat speaker panels fixed at the top.

The device is so light weighted that it can be easily balanced one-handed.

Another new model comes with some different looks but has the same specs that include virtual Sound Matrix technology to offer similar performance of 10.1-channel surround sound with 5.1-channel, 700W output, USB host and two font speakers with 6-inch sub woofer to deliver multi woofer sound effect.

To create easy connection with other external devices both the models include HDMI terminal, translucent acryl with aluminum accessories for integrated looks, touch sensor keys and red LED lights.

Suggested pricing:

LG HT752TP ranging from  1,790,000(KRW) to 1,800,000(KRW) (or about $1600 USD)

LG HT702TN ranging 1,190,000(KRW) to 1,200,000(KRW) (or about $1000 USD)  for the HT702TN.

Unfortunately, no Koren model comes with the product.
It may help with their sales though :)