Dream Theaters Pt. 5


This project was undertaken in a Honolulu, Hawaii beach house as seen here.

 Now if the house wasn't nice enough for you.  Check out the theater that was built here.  Even if you weren't or aren't a Star Wars fan.  I'm pretty sure anyone could get behind putting this in their home.

Below is a 14x20-foot entertainment room that was built with a Star Wars theme.

Hardware this system was produced with includes a suite of Onkyo, Integra and Lexicon components are housed within custom racks that rotate 180 degrees for easy system maintenance.   The A/V system also includes a Runco beamer, as well as a 107-inch Stewart Filmscreen projection screen.


 Equipment, room lighting, and climate control are all managed through a centralized Crestron home automation system.  If that 107" screen doesn't do it for you maybe the life-sized talking C-3PO and RD-D2 will whisper sweet nothings in your ear to improve you self confidence.

 I couldn't find out what this cost to develop but I think its safe to say a few hundred thousand dollars at a minimum.   This would be ideal when playing those new Star Wars Blu ray and 3D Blu Rays that are going to be released.  You can get more information and Pre-order them here.

I did get a call from Dr. Adams the other day though.  He mentioned that with a theater like this he was pretty sure none of your buddies or Han Solo for that matter would even try to claim they have a bigger Cockpit !  As such, Dr. Adams provided his seal giving the owner of this theater the "Cockpit Champion Award".