Dream Theaters Galore Pt.4

A continuation of a series of Mad Geniuses engineering Creative and Unique Home Theaters.

Star Trek : The Next Generation Home Theater

A passionate Star Trek series fan needed four years of planning and then six months of work to obtain this unique replica of the inside of the Enterprise.  He attempted to recreate Deanna Troi's Breasts but unfortunately had no success
The best part is that not only can you experience the thrill of watching movies with the best sound effects and image quality, but you can also enjoy a drink at the private bar next tot the home cinema room.

Gotta admit this is one of a kind.  This System has "motion-activated air-lock doors with series sound effects, and a “Red Alert” button on the Crestron TPMC-10 controller to turn all of the LEDs bright red and flashing. The system also features “one of the largest Kaleidescape hard-drive based storage systems” ever created, amassing eight servers with 3,816 DVDs."

 Gotta admit.  This is one of the most realistic recreations or Themed Home Theaters I've seen.Completed in Palm Beach County Florida in 2006, the three areas took a total of six months. The end result was a theater, bar and ready room, measuring a total of 70-by-22 feet.

This guy just sits back now and dreams that he's Ryker.  The system is nice.  Heres a video display of this amazing piece of engineering.

Matrix Home Theater

RPG Home Theater dealer Genesis Audio was approached by a client who requested a home theater based on the movie The Matrix, starring Keanu Reaves, Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss. Genesis president Bill Anderson and interior designer Lezlie Trujillo worked together combining aesthetics and technology to create the winning entry for Cedia’s Electronic Lifestyles Award for Best Home Theater Level V.


This theater, which was built as an addition to the original home, is 33 feet deep, 19 feet wide and 11

feet high. To capture the concept, Trujillo studied The Matrix, making copious notes about the movie’s setting and visual theme. She settled on a color scheme primarily made up of greens and blacks to complement the technology that was installed, creating an industrial, futuristic effect.

Bill Anderson’s $1 million Matrix home cinema features:

-Runco DTV-1101 Video Projector
-4-way Screen by Stewart Filmscreen
-Faroudja DVP-5000 Video Processor
-Escient Power Play DVD Management System
-Revel Surround Sound Speaker System
-Linn Klimax Mono-Block Power Amplifiers
-RPG Class A QRD Formedffusor
-RPG Diffsorptive Binary Amplitude Home Theater Panel

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