Battlefield vs Modern Warfare

 I personally have played several versions of both Battlefield and COD (Call of duty) and I prefer the flexibility that Battlefield offers in the gameplay.  It results in larger maps with much more unique and entertaining gameplay.

Here is an article I found that solidifies my point to the tee.

"After Infinity Ward admitted that the current CoD engine isn't as powerful as the Frostbite 2 engine, Treyarch has also admitted Battlefield 3 looks great. More specifically, Battlefield 3 "looks really beautiful," said Treyarch's community manager Josh Olin. Asked about the current engine, Olin said "The [CoD] engine's really good, it's a very powerful engine, and we can layer in and update things if we want to."

Standing as someone who has played the Frostbite 1 and 1.5 engines, plus CoD4, 5, MW2, and Black Ops, I can confidently say that the Frostbite engine(s) are a lot more capable. Sorry Activision, maybe you'll learn that producing the same game over and over again is about as effective as fighting a fire with a dollar store squirt gun. That's also how much profit ($1) Activision can expect to receive after Battlefield 3 has dominated the FPS market."

Heres a couple pictures to show you a still shot difference between CoD and the Battlefield..

CoD Black Ops Screen Shot.

Battlefield 3 Screenshot

Just these screen shots show you a clear difference but the movement, and size and scope of the maps are much more complex with Battlefield.   I never gave it a chance as I was stuck on CoD 4 and MW2.  When I did play the first Battlefield though with more realistic graphics, destructible environments, vehicles, larger scale battles, bullet drop, and way better sound.  I was even hooked.

Clearly when the developers of CoD say they like the competitors product, you know there is a problem.  Unless they up their game, I'm not going to stick to Battlefield.

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