Battlefield 3 in 3D ? - Updates

DICE did an extensive talk involving Battlefield 3 over at the recently concluded GDC 2011. They did various presentations showcasing various tech used for creating the experiences in BF 3.

The presentations, mostly involved the PC version of the game and showcased various features including DirectX 11 ones, such as Deferred Shading and SRAA antialiasing.  However, most interestingly, one of their slides included details about the game supporting 3D, a feature yet to be announced officially. The slide, as seen above, explains how DICE have managed to incorporate 3D, seamlessly into the game and reveals that it’ll both support Nvidia’s 3D Vision technology and AMD’s HD3D tech.

 While I won't use it, its pretty cool they're using new technology with new games.
I'm curious though how many people will use this if at all, if its made available?

Any thoughts?

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