Avengers Update 3.22.2011 - Villains Revealed?

There has been several rumors as to what the storyline in the new Avenger movie will entail.  The villains? even more rumors.  Now one prevalent rumor that could hold some weight is that Joss Whedon, the head honcho bringing “The Avengers” to the big screen, has shot a teaser trailer for “The Avengers” that will be tacked on to either “Thor” or “Captain America”, or possibly both. (I’m going with both. What would be the point of NOT including it in both?)

And who will be in that “Avengers” teaser trailer? According to AICN, with input from the boys at Latino Review, it will be Loki (Tom Hiddleston),  also known as Thor's brother, who will,  “bring in The Skrulls”.

When Thanos got his hands on a Cosmic Cube

If Latino Review is correct, then Loki at some point, will get his hands on the Cosmic Cube, a famed object in the Marvel Comics universe which possess the ability to alter reality. The claim is that, using the object, Loki will summon the world-conquering alien empire of the shapeshifting green-skinned Skrulls. Considering that the Cosmic Cube will be seen in Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger, this narrative certainly has ring of truth, and frankly, sounds amazing. It also coincides with rumors from last year, which implied that the Skrulls would make an appearance in the film. (Although another rumor had the Hulk sized-up as the villain which leads to the next rumor below..)

 Another "insider report" @ "Comic Book Scoop" also said:
“The highlight of this insider scoop (which has NOT been confirmed by the studio itself) is that the shape-changing alien race the Skrulls are being used as the main antagonists for The Avengers. Not only that, but the Skrulls will ‘brainwash’ and use the Hulk in a similar fashion Loki did in the comics. Don’t expect a full on alien invasion, though; that will have to wait for a sequel. The Skrulls’ role will be largely clandestine, similar to the way S.H.I.E.L.D. operates.”

Another rumor, that the Skrull enemy, The Kree, will have a role in the film. It sounds like just a rumor to get the fans talking and build hype but, who knows. The Skrulls have also been rumored to appear in Thor, but there has yet to be any word on that. With a highly anticipated film like The Avengers, we’ll see many rumors like these in months to come.

While I cant say I wouldn't have preferred a different storyline, I can say is this is going to be some crazy $htuff........

Avengers stories have had some serious madness happen, that could be used to make some crazy movie audio and video.  Well I guess they couldnt make a family movie out of what I'm looking for.  Here's a couple pages of a Dark Avengers comic book that I found "fun"   :)

That Cosmic Cube has caused some serious kaos in the Marvel Universe so not only could this movie be awesome but it could be another excellent Theater and Home Theater Classic for sure!

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