KEF Wireless Speaker Technology - Affordable Wireless Speaker System options

In my opinion, wireless speakers are a poor idea for the most part.  They generally lack the power to create an audio experience to compete with wired power with solid hardware.  KEF a highly reputable speaker manufacturer that I highly recommend has made a product that ensures that this isn't quite always the case.

Wireless system is compatible with the full range of KEF speakers but also can be used with most other brands. 

KEF Wireless System is an ideal add-on for any existing rear surround sound speaker set-up (regardless of the brand) and can also be used for stereo speakers in a hi-fi system where hiding cables is an inconvenience, especially when the amplifier is some distance from the speakers.

Users can locate the speakers virtually anywhere they want to in the room whilst still receiving remarkable CD quality sound with exceptional clarity and remarkable lack of extraneous interference.

Simply connect a receiver to each speaker and partner the transmitter with your amplifier to make wires across your floor a thing of the past. You then also have the option of relocating your speakers when necessary, such as hiding them safely away during parties, because you don't have to maintain a "line of sight" between transmitter and speakers.
  • CD quality audio transmission achieved with a revolutionary 2.4GHz radio frequency HFADPCM (Hi-Fidelity Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation) wireless link that ensures real time audio delivery with no mutes, audio dropouts or loss of bonding.
  • Wireless receivers can be used with any speaker of the user's choice.
  • AAFHSS (Advanced Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) with advanced forward error correction is utilised to ensure that the audio signal remains interference-free from devices such as wireless LAN routers, digital cordless telephones, mobile phones and microwave ovens.
  • Unique Pre-emptive frequency hopping and adaptive channel diversity features enable the transmission system to change channels automatically to a pre negotiated frequency so that the system hops to the best available channel before errors start to occur.
  • Simple and convenient connection and setup

As you can see here,
This system comes as three compact boxes,

One is the transmitter. You can plug this into the preamplifier outputs of your receiver for the surround speaker channels. If your receiver doesn't have those, an adapter cable allows you to use the speaker outputs. Each of the two modules has high quality binding post outputs.

Each is a receiver for the transmitted signal, and a 50 watt digital amplifier. (This is what makes this a viable wireless option in my opinion)
You wire those to your speakers, plug the supplied 'wall wart' power packs into power points, and that's all there is to it. The transmitter and the two receivers establish contact, and after then you forget about them. The digital power amplifiers run cool so you need not worry too much about ventilation. Just hide them behind the speakers.

  In order to achieve real full-bodied audiophile sound reproduction KEF has developed a leading edge 2.4GHz wireless transmission technology that uses the most advanced error protection and sophisticated 'intelligent' adaptive frequency hopping, ensuring an interference free signal. This makes certain that the tranmission is not affected by such things as microwave ovens, mobile or digital cordelss telephones, and wireless LAN routers, while still providing the superior sound quality demanded by true audiophiles.

Being wireless and not requiring line of sight allows you to perform the act of turning your current speakers into wireless speakers without seeing anything and with the minimal of aggravation.  You can just hide those boxes.  Not only that but the 50 amp within the box will give your speakers something to work with.  It could prove a beautiful option for surround speakers or an alternate zone in an alternate room or space within your home.  Maybe you need the space on your deck for something else.  This will ensure you have those speakers without the wires, enabling you to do what you need to.

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