LG 47LE5400 47" LED TV Affordable HDTV

For those of you out there who think that LED technology is too expensive to even bother with.  I saw this TV selling at an excellent price.  Being an LED it does provide you with the improved brightness and clarity in picture while maintaining a solid array of features at you disposal.  Take a look.......

Now I saw this TV up close and I like it.  I wasn't so impressed when I saw the price tag at nearly two thousand dollars on the shelf in the store but after looking into it I found this TV is surprisingly affordable.

The LG 47LE5400 edge-lit LED backlighting enables enhanced color and detail reproduction.  As you can see here the technology allows for a super-thin 1.2″ panel depth.

I found this feature cool.  With Full HD 1080p LED LCD display,  it also has the feature of connecting the 47LE5400 to your internet service using the built-in ethernet port, and NetCast Entertainment Access allows you to stream video, music, and photos from providers as diverse as Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, and Picasa. It’s even enabled for Skype online video/voice calling. Further, TruMotion 120Hz processing ensures smooth, fluid motion for movies and sports alike.

Features LG promotes include:
  • Stunning detail
  • Edge-lit LED technology
  • View it in the right light.
  • Smart Energy Saving Features
  • TruMotion 120Hz
  • Full HD where you want it.
  • LED Plus
  • NetCast Entertainment Access

Now this is an invaluable option especially when we`re all wanting to put our TV on the wall out of the way.  When you don`t have wall panels with wires in the walls what do you do?  Get LG Wireless technology allowing you to play 1080P without running wires making your place look like crap.
  Before you say ya the tranmitter is going to make it impossible to fit on the wall.....Check it out.  Unfortunately, you have to pay for this addon and LG's MSRP is $399. 

However, for a fraction of the price you can pick it up on Amazon.
LG AN-WL100W Wireless Media Kit

TruMotion HD 120hz  appears to be a LG exclusive technology that I found cool.  Its purpose is to essentially eliminate "Motion Blur".  I'll show you an example here.

Other features include an incredible 4,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for more stunning colors and deeper blacks, two USB ports for connecting external drives for playing back MP3 audio, JPEG photo and DivX HD video files, stereo speakers with 20 watts of power and Dolby Digital decoding, and four HDMI inputs.

It also has Intelligent Sensor a feature that makes video adjustments for you. Intelligent Sensor automatically optimizes the picture to the lighting and color conditions in the room for a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Honestly, at this price of under $1000 I found this TV an excellent choice for anyone looking for a good price on a new TV that will last for sometime.  If your about futureproofing your technological purchases like I am this won't be a problem despite the current 3D phase.  I don't require another pair of shades, already have six pairs and I don't need to wear them in my living room so keep your 3D :)
I would think that the limit on the 3D option is really the only detturent from purchasing this product for under $1000.

You can pick this up for a great price at Amazon here.  Check it out.....
LG 47LE5400 47-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LED HDTV with Internet Applications