3d TV Without Glasses : REGZA GL1 - Toshiba Pricing

Now 3D is the new big thing.  I continually am inandated with talk of I don't want the glasses, "I want that no glasses 3D".  

I love new technology but I am increasingly skeptical of the whole 3D phenomenon. I can't say I'm really behind the whole glasses in the living room.  I find 3D an annoying phase in television viewing personally.  Maybe I'm just one whose vision doesn't agree with the technology.  I'm more inclined to believe I'm one who doesn't get sucked into unproven, incomplete technology and marketing schemes.

Now adding to the incomplete "with glasses 3D technology", we see Toshiba has released a "without glasses 3D technology".  There are unquestionable issues.  Pixilation.  Some of the pixels are being used to generate different views, and the issue is less obvious with small screens but bigger screens?  They've currently released a 12" and a 20".  Perfect size for that belt buckle I've been looking for.


Much like the system used in the Nintendo 3DS, the 3D effect is created by a “perpendicular lenticular sheet” which consists of a series of lenses that direct light to nine points in front of the TV. If you sit in the correct position, the brain integrates all these points into one 3D image.

“The result is precise rendering of high quality 3D images whatever the viewing angle within the viewing zone” Toshiba said.

 Toshiba, who unveiled their product at the Ceatec electronics show in Tokyo, Japan, said that you need to view the screen at a distance of 90 cm for the larger TV and 65 cm for the smaller 12 inch one, which means you need to be up pretty close to the set.  These kids in the picture, were kind enough to demonstrate.

Granted, technology is constantly improving and this may be a good technology to implement if they have the technology to produce these TVs fully functional for a reasonable price.  I think by the time that happens either the 3D phase will have passed or the technology will be different from what they are developing today(fully functional).  The main issue that concerns me is that the "No Glasses 3D TV" also has an issue with viewing angle compromising the picture.  If I have to sit directly in front of my TV where the viewing position is 60-95cm from the screen.....  I'll tell you now, if I'm watching a full movie? Heck, if I`m on my laptop I`m not even that close.  I think the only way I`ll be that close is if I pass out from absolute anger for wasting my money on this garbage.

Despite there being some misgivings about the quality of the technology, Toshiba, Sony, LG amongst others think there's a demand.  I hope people smarten up and understand, these companies are just making money.  They don't care if you buy a $3000 paper weight.  Even if they have the technology to create a perfect picture.  Fact is they need to make money and the technology they are selling is not perfect.  Across the board certain categories of sales in electronics like 2D cameras, camcorders amongst other things have been in terminal decline.  Companies are commercial marketing masters.  Despite all the problems with the current 3D it is becoming more popular every day and if your not craving it as new tech in your home, someone near you is.  "3D with glasses TVs" are sold anywhere you look (at ridiculous prices).

Now realistically, I think they should focus on this market(3D with glasses) as it still has unresolved issues that need improvement(not to mention more material).  Perfecting the current type of 3D and lowering the price before introducing more imperfect technology is a bad move.  It could even expidite the decline in sales of 3D television.  In my opinion, thats a good thing and I would tell those manufacturers,  "Come back when your done your job properly and make it worth the money".

The Toshiba "3d without glasses TV) has been released in Japan.  Japanese pricing, the 12-inch model is going available for ¥120,000, which works out around $1,443 USD. For the larger 20-inch model, Japanese consumers pay a whopping ¥240,000 ($2,885).  Thats an expensive belt buckle.

If you love 3d TV?  It`s my opinion and I`ll just finish by saying.  Don't get sucked in.  I would hate to see the world sucked into this 3D farce.  If people are sucked in......

Just watch, it starts with people walking around with TVs strapped 60cm from their head............

and then,

It becomes a problem and the world is reduced to 3D HO zombies............