Yamaha RX-V667 * Affordable Home Theater Receivers

Yamaha RX-V667 Receiver

This is another good option for a home theater receiver today, at an affordable price.  It comes with the latest hi-def audio and video codecs, the RX-V667 offers true 1080p upscaling, an abundance of connectivity, multizone support, 7-channel 630W RMS power surround sound (90W x 7) and on and on......

Firstly this receiver has 6 HMDI inputs (including one front input) and analog ports which leaves you with more than enough connectivity for all your devices.  It has fully capable HDMI and Analog Upscaling to 1080p and support for the latest HDMI 1.4 specification gives you rich, 3D video quality with Deep Color, x.v. Color, and Auto Lip-Sync compensation.

Advanced GUI and iPod Album Art Support and Compressed Music Enhancer.
When connected to your flat-panel HDTV via HDMI, an advanced GUI overlay becomes available to control your home theater simply and easily. When your iPod or iPhone is connected to the Yamaha RX-V667 via a supported Yamaha iPod dock (sold separately), you can listen to your digital music with Compressed Music Enhancer and view album art while playing.  I have to admit.  I have a High End Yamaha just one year older and I wish it had this GUI.  The menus of the past are really ugly and mono colored.

Compressed Music Enhancer
This a sophisticated type of digital signal processing using exclusive algorithms to improve the performance of compressed music formats such as MP3 and WMA. With the Compressed Music Enhancer, highs and especially lows are richer and smoother, bringing music back to life to be as close to the original as possible.

Audio Decoding
Seven Channels of High-Definition Surround-Sound Audio.  The RX-V667 receiver offers 90 watts per channel supporting all the latest latest sound decoders like HD Audio, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio.  The receiver also has a Zone 2 connection for enjoying in another room.

SILENT CINEMA makes it possible to hear large-scale surround sound through ordinary headphones. This variation of CINEMA DSP technology lets you listen in private to movies and other multi-channel sources for hours without listening fatigue. Virtual CINEMA DSP lets you enjoy the effects of CINEMA DSP surround sound without using surround speakers--handy for use in custom installations where some rooms don't have surround speakers. It can be used with the front / center / presence speakers or even with just the two front left and right speakers.

Automatic Speaker Setup and Calibration with YPAO
Mic systems vary.  In my experience, the quality or performance of mics is completely debatable.  As I've explained previously, I own a high end Yamaha and I like the YPAO system.  I think it does an excellent job.  It uses a small microphone and sophisticated equalization to automatically set the best sound for any room, no matter where the speakers are.

Essentially, you put the mic in the listening position and First it checks the speaker connections and phase of each speaker. Then it sends out tones which are captured by the microphone to analyze the room acoustics and sets a variety of parameters, such as the speaker size, the distance of the speakers and even the sound pressure level, until it achieves the best sound conditions for your room. Setting levels and distances, sub crossover frequencies etc.

Now maybe I'm biased but Yamaha is a solid reputable audio manufacturer with solid hardware.  I have described the pros. or the positives throughout this posting.  As cons, or negatives it doesnt have the Bluetooth capability in its defense it does have iPod or iPhone connectivity.  Really, I don't see any other cons.  Now if it meets your needs, this would be an excellent choice as the price is right.