Sony HTS-SS370 * Cheap Home Theater NOW !

Above is the Sony 5.1 HTSS370.  This system is for someone who wants a  quick, easy and cheap option for a home theater that supports much of the current technology that is required for media playback.  Oh ya, and they want it NOW!  The definate benefit of this system is the cheap cost and the simple setup and use.


* Connect multiple devices via HDMI to your surround sound system, easily switch between them, and then connect everything to your HDTV with just one HDMI cable
* Connect a Digital Media Port adapter (sold separately) to your audio system and access music from your iPod, Walkman player, or PC device.
* Enjoy 5.1 channel surround sound without needing to run wires across the room to the rear speakers. Easily stream audio to up to 10 rooms when you add optional S-AIR receiver/speaker systems (and a S-AIR Card to your S-AIR Capable System and each S-AIR Speaker System sold separately)
Sony S-AIR
* With Linear PCM support, when you connect via HDMI a Blu-ray Disc player that can decode the latest high definition audio formats, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio you can experience sound closer to the way it was captured
* Conveniently operate and control all your HDMI connected BRAVIA Sync devices with one remote including: Blu-ray Disc Players, BRAVIA HDTVs, home theater products, Handycam Camcorders and Cyber-shot Digital Cameras.

* Digital Cinema Auto Calibration. Simply place the included microphone where you will be seated and settings are automatically optimized based on the distance, delays and placement of your speakers.
As you can see this receiver has connectivity.  Keep in mind however, if you're shopping on a budget and have the intention of upgrading anything to do with your sound system consider that you will not be able to. Pardon the negativity that may ensue here but I think all the information is important.  I may appear biased with Sony products and the reason for that is because I owned a Sony receiver way back before I learned that unfortunately Sony, and many other companies that develop stereo receivers have provided inaccurate specs. with regards to power ratings.  They do not list RMS or continuous power.  They are listing peak power.  The wattage on most of these lower end receivers are taken at peak levels opposed to RMS.  Sometimes receivers that list their wattage in this manner can in fact have RMS levels that are a fraction of the listed wattage..  For a more detailed explaination of power ratings check this page out.

This would be important if you ever have any intention on reusing the receiver or upgrading your system.  But seeing as the connections are as seen here.  It doesn't matter, you can`t upgrade the speakers.  They are made for Sonys speakers only.

Essentially, I would recommend this and similar systems to those who have no previous experience with Home Theater or simply don't have the money for a system and want one now.  Honestly, if you want iPod connectivity and the wireless speakers and .....all the other things people want these days.  You may as well buy a different product, you will end up paying more after purchasing add-ons like S-AIR speakers and Media Port;   If this system has all that you want on the other hand it sells for around $200 today so chances are you will get your moneys worth at that price.  As I`ve discussed in this post way too much....just be aware, this will be a throw away system if you want to upgrade or want something else.