Polk Audio RM6750 5.1 Home Theater Speakers

Polk Audio RM6750 5.1 Black
Polk Audio's RM6750 5.1-channel speaker system gives you a complete surround sound solution for your home theater at a low price. The integrated power port bass vent designed right onto the back of the compact satellite and center channel speakers-the same technology used in full-sized Polk Audio speakers-improves lower midrange response.  The included 8" Sub-woofer is ported and powered.
Honestly, I've never been a fan of satellite speakers.  No matter what anyone says the size of the enclosure(box) and the woofer size cannot create the sound that regular sized speakers can.  However, unfortunately either money or space can be the ultimate deciding factor when choosing speaker systems.

Features as provided from Polk Audio's Website are as follows:
Comes in black an silver
  • Satellites use a 3-1/4 inch (8.25cm) Polymer composite cone driver: lightweight and efficient, for clear, distortion-free midrange. The center speaker uses two of the same high quality drivers for even greater output capability.  Recommended wattage 10-100wpc
  • Integrated baffle and grille design allows maximum sound dispersion with minimum diffraction for superior imaging and room-filling sound. Everyone in the room hears clear, well-balanced sound.
  • High performance 1/2 inch (12mm) Silk Dome Tweeters for superior imaging and smooth highs.
  • Mineral-filled Polypropylene Enclosures are non-resonant for great looks and natural sound.
  • Satellites available in either Black or Titanium finish (Subwoofer is always easy-to-hide black)
  • Individual satellites available to accommodate 6.1 or 7.1 channel systems.
  • Integrated Keyhole Slot wall mounting brackets (two Keyhole Slots on Center Channel Speaker) allow for easy wall mounting, with no extra brackets or wall mounts to buy; threaded inserts accept popular articulating brackets (sold separately).
  • The Subwoofer, in a compact ported enclosure, features an 8-inch Long-Throw Dynamic Balance Poly Composite Driver for longer driver excursion and better linearity, resulting in big, musical bass.
  • Built-in Subwoofer power amp (50 Watts Continuous/100 Watts Dynamic Power) with active crossover offers the control you need for real home theater thrills and big, musical, accurate bass. Features variable Low-Pass Filter and Volume (level) controls, as well as Phase Switching Toggle, and signal-sensing Auto ON/OFF, for even more control and convenience.
Satellites also sold separately
Satellites also sold separately

As an option for those with no extra space for giant tower speakers or even bookshelf speakers, this is an excellent choice.  Not only do these speakers have built in keyhole slots so you can place all the speakers on walls, out of the way(except the sub of course) but they also sell these satellites separate if you need to make a 6.1 or 7.1 system.  The Powered Subwoofer also makes this a more appealing option than those which come with a passive woofer.  The two colors give you the option of matching the speakers with your decor or wall colors as well.

Finally the price.  The MSRP was $599 and now you can find them in the $250 range.
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