Pioneer VSX-1020-K * Affordable Home Theater Receiver

Pioneer is a long standing reputable audio manufacturer.  In the past I payed attention to nothing but Pioneer Elite but it appears things have changed.  Their lower end used to be inadequate to say the least but doesnt appear to be the case any longer.  This is the Pioneer VSX-1020K a 7.1 home theater receiver that regardless of your experience with home theater will be a good purchase.  I got dizzy with the features it possesses.

Video Inputs/ Outputs - It features six fully 3D compatible HDMI inputs and one output, and two component inputs and one output. Moreover, it offers four a DVD/VCR/DVR recorder connection loop and four composite video and a subwoofer pre-out with Analog stereo audio connections.

Multi-zone support - You can choose either 7.1 channel configuration or just create a zone with 5.1 plus 2 channels. It also works with iPhone, allowing you to incorporate Apple products into this home theater.

BlueTooth Adapter

Connectivity - Since it is Bluetooth capable, it allows you to play music wirelessly from your internet radio, satellite radio and any Bluetooth-enabled portable devices. There is also an Ethernet port for connecting your system to the internet. It doesn’t work as a router for your Blu-ray player or TV, but it does allow for internet radio. You can also hook up a wireless router to stream music from a wireless device, like your PC :)

Moreover, its front HDMI input allows you to connect high definition devices, such as an HD cam recorder, to view videos conveniently. Its front USB port also allows you to connect devices like media player or digital camera to view photos or play an MP3, WMA or WAV music files.  The 1080p upconversion processing by Anchor Bay can also upconvert any signal, even analog connections.

Beautiful Color GUI display
Full-Color On-Screen GUI - The Pioneer VSX-1020-K features a full-color on-screen GUI, with reset remote, for more outstanding performance.  This On screen display is awesome.

Advanced Sound Retriever Acoustic Calibration, and Auto Level Control - The Pioneer VSX-1020-K offers studio quality and multi-channel listening experience. It features an advanced version of acoustic calibration designed to calibrate with a 9-band equalizer, as well as send charts of its measurements, through USB, to your PC. And with its advanced sound retriever, even compressed audio like MP3 and WMA is enhanced. Additionally, its auto level control equalizes volume level differences between music playing from an iPod or iPhone or during Tv programming. This allows you to enjoy music at a consistent volume with no glitch when switching from one audio source to another.

 The Decoding capabilities of this receiver are absolutely awesome at this price.  In fact it has everything you will need for some time.  Dolby Digital Plus and TrueHD to DTS-HD Master Audio. These are the most common to have; most of the others have them as well. The three that this one has that most of the others don’t have though, are Pro Logic IIz(Video below is a demo of Prologic IIz), WMA9 Pro and THX.  In the past, well before Onkyo it was never affordable to buy a receiver with THX now it appears Pioneer has bridged that gap.

Anyone who has read my reviews in the past know that I like good deals and look for lasting investments with futureproof products that wont require updating.  This receiver is the definition.  With the 7.1 Power, Audio decoding abilities, the 3D and upconverting and networking capabilities and the technology integration options(ipod..etc) this receiver is a solid option with good power.  The MSRP was $550 the lowest price I found off a quick search was just under $400.  If I didnt have the amount of hardware I already do, I would buy this today.

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