Panasonic SC HTB-520 Slim Bar Audio Home Theater - Systems for the space challenged

Panasonic has unveiled a new slim bar home theater speaker system.  It is model SC-HTB520.  While I have never been a fan of Panasonic except for throw away electronics, I liked the look of this SoundBar.  Really these days, the competition has really made some of these companies come out with some solid products so really I've stopped making assumptions just because of previous opinions of companies based on old technology.
Panasonic SC HTB-520

For those of you who would prefer to stay away from wires and speakers taking up space heres a new product  that mounts on a wall above or below your TV and offers an easy to install, stylish alternative to a home theater sound system. The SC-HTB520 supports Stream Out for 3D image signals and Audio Return Channel, making it easy to configure a FULL HD 3D home theater system by combining it with a 3D Blu-ray Disc player and 3D VIERA TV. The SC-HTB520 ideally matches large panel displays 42-inches and above and includes a separate, wireless Down Firing subwoofer.

Previous Panasonic model HTB10 mounted
The front of the SC-HTB520 features a black stainless mesh material with a mirror finish and a special coating that Panasonic claims will resist dust and fingerprints. A unique design concept boosts the ambience of the SC-HTB520′s high-quality sounds by making the speaker units partially visible through the mesh.  As you can see here the older model the Panasonic HTB-10 looks pretty smooth here and this new one is even smaller.

It also features Clear-Mode Dialog technology which is applied to make listeners feel that the sound comes from the center of the TV display. If anyone has experience with this technology, I would appreciate your input.  I have no experience with it and I would be curious to hear your opinions.

The most solid features I saw in this 2.1 240w system was the wireless subwoofer and essentially, with the ARC compatibility all you need to set this system up is to plug the power in and one HDMI cable.  Your done.

The SC-HTB520 will be available in April 2011.  No price details have been released

This system uses technology called ARC I thought I should explain......

ARC (Audio Return Channel)

If you have looked for new stuff like 3D TVs these days I`m sure youve seen ARC on some models.  To implement its functionality of course all your devices must be compatible with ARC.(which this product will be)

I`ll tell you right now, the diagram you see here is an all to common situation.  Its also the reason why many find home theaters to be too much of a hassle dealing with wires.  Many Home Theater in a box and Receivers, TVs don`t support HDMI audio pass-through or you have several sources and blah blah blah.....In the end, you just want the sound coming out of your TV, to come out of your stereo.  

 As you can see here, it eliminates the confusion I`ve seen many encountered with this issue.  One cable, Done.