Onkyo HT-S7300 Home Theater in a Box

This is an updated version of the HTS-3300 I reviewed here

I've never been a fan of Home Theater in a Box's.  However, Onkyo is a different story when it comes to this subject.  Onkyo HT-S7300 is an updated 7.1 Futureproof version pretty much.

The bad taste in my mouth for HTIB (home theater in a box) is a result of garbage proprietary receivers or Blu-Ray players with crap speakers that cannot be upgraded.  Now Onkyo is a different story.  They create HTIB systems that come with decent speakers and receivers that allow you to plug multiple devices and upgrade the speakers if desired.

Onkyo HT-S7300 is a Home theater that remains in a reasonable price range (I would venture to say a steal).  Giving you a serious "Bang for your buck".  I reviewed the Onkyo TS-SR608 a standalone receiver yesterday and this appears to support nearly everything that it does.  This Home Theater is the top of the series that Onkyo has developed.  Check out the wide array of features it brings:

  • Four 1080p capable HDMI inputs (V1.4a) supporting 3D video and Audio Return Channel
  • Total 1200W with a Powerfull 10-inch 290W Powered Subwoofer
  • 1080p scaling via Faroudja DCDi Cinema
  • WRAT technology and discrete amp construction for cleaner sound
  • 4 DSP Gaming Modes: Rock, Sports, Action, and Role Playing
  • Includes dedicated RI iPod dock (UP-A1)
  • Audyseey Calibration System
Onkyo HT-S7300 Back Panel

Now the audio decoders are quite formidible as well with decoding Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High-Resolution Audio, Dolby Pro-Logic IIz.  Now Onkyo doesnt appear to have included THX on the list but (I've made this reference before) as nice as it is, you can get away with it.  Starwars phasers may not sound like Lucas films exactly intended but really I would be impressed if anyone would be able to tell.
Onkyo HT-S7300 Remote

The next solid fact about this system is thet speakers are wood.  HTIB generally come with crap plastic speakers and they don't cut it because wood enclosures on speakers just sound better.  The 7.1 system speakers are as follows:
  • Fronts-two 2-way
  • Center-one 2-way
  • Surround-two Full Range("acoustic suspension")
  • Subwoofer-10" Down Firing
Now this is a better option than the HTS-3300 essentially for the 3D functionality, 7x130W channels, iPod Dock,the additional Pro-Logic IIz decoder and really unless you will never need any of these features I would choose the HT-S7300 over the HTS-3300.   Purely for the futureproof factors.  If you choose to get a 3D TV or you want the iPod Dock or any additional features, the only way would be to buy a new receiver.  Now if you`re on a tight budget, the price of the  HTS-3300 5.1 system speaks for itself.  This system is currently nearly double the price at $500-$600

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