SONY BDV-E780W Home Theater with Wireless Speakers


Many of you out there looking for Home Theaters who are dealing with problems like limited space, knowledge, hate for setup, wiring, configuration or confusion.  There is hope for you yet.  Sony has developed a new 5.1 Flagship Home Theater in a Box.  The Sony BDV-E780W.  This was announced a couple days ago and it gives you some interesting features.

Firstly, for those who own or are planning on purchasing a Sony BRAVIA they can take advantage of these exclusive features:
  • BRAVIA Internet Video - Stream music, video, sports and Catch Up TV direct from the internet via the BRAVIA Internet Video platform 
The following features aren't BRAVIA exclusive:
  • This sytstem has a Full HD 3D Blue Ray Player and DVD player which also has an upscaling of standard DVDs to near 1080p quality and 3D Surround Sound.
  • Stream internet content with built-in Wi-Fi 
  • Wireless Rear Speakers
  • Wider listening area - New rounded speaker design fills your room with balanced Surround Sound, wherever you sit
  • Auto Speaker Calibration - One-push automatic sound set-up for flexible speaker placement and optimum sound quality
  • Works with iPod / iPhone - iPod / iPhone dock.  Smartphone control - Use your iPhone, iPod touch or Android phone as a remote and search the internet for video content 

  • Video and sound enhancer - Experience improved video and sound for poorer quality internet content when using BRAVIA Internet Video
  • USB and PC playback - Release music, video and pictures from USB devices or a DLNA PC, for playback through the big screen
  • Xross Media Bar (XMB) - Inspired menu system uses icons and an easy to follow 'tree' system 

  • Universal remote - Control many devices including TV and set top box with just one remote contol
  • High Definition audio codecs - Supports Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, and DTS-HD Master Audio codecs
  • 1000W output
This was announced a couple days ago and the big feature they pitched was the rear wireless speakers.  This is definately advantageous for those of you who have no intention of wiring rear speakers to avoid unattractive messes or don`t want to hide them.  I personally am not a Sony fan because the power ratings they list are not RMS so with wireless speakers Im unsure how good the quality of the sound will be.  However, technology has improved and if thats what you need.  You`ll get it.

Now it definately looks nicer than the last model they made.  They've gotten rid of that box look and if you have a PS3 it`ll actually look uniform sitting next to it. 

This product does have some new features that may prove fun, like using your iPhone, iPod touch or Android phone as a remote.......or the wireless speakers, which would give you the opportunity to put them in an ideal listening position.

This product, the Sony BDV-E780W has been scheduled to be released in May 2011 and Estimated MSRP is $600.