Motorola Xoom Tablet - The first iPAD alternative

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas a couple days ago there was a big hit on the floor.  The Motorola Xoom.

There are other competitors but the word is, this device will undoubtedly be the biggest competitor with the iPad and the upcoming iPad 2 this year.  It will have a Tegra 2 processor, front and back facing cameras, HDMI-out, a gigantic 10-inch display, and a connection to Verizon’s super-fast new 4G LTE network.

Here is a 1080P Demo of the Motorola Xoom Check it out.....

The device runs a HoneyComb Android 3.0 OS and and will be on the market in the next couple months.  Pricing hasn't been made public yet but it should run for less than the iPad.