Marantz SR6005 7.2 Home Theater Receiver

  • If you're looking for the model down? The Marantz SR-5005

  • Marantz has been a solid audio product manufacturer for fifty years now.  Thoughout that time it has been known to one of the best if not the best manufacturer of quality audio equipment.  I have always revered the quality of the products they have created.

    Marantz SR-6005

    The SR6005 runs 110W RMS continuous power for each of its 7 Channels, which is more than enough to power undistorted sound from most loudspeakers. Now this receiver is an excellent choice for audiophiles who want top quality capabilities, quality along with an independent Zone 2 which can play an alternate source.

    Attempting to maintain a futureproof investment, here are a few features you will appreciate.

    iPod/iPhone, USB and Bluetooth support.
    Connect your iPod, iPhone, or USB Hard Disc Drive to the convenient, front panel USB jack, and iPad owners appreciate the optional RX101 Bluetooth receiver and M-XPort for easy, wireless access to their favorite music.

    Marantz has a proprietory technology called M-DAX which makes Compressed Audio Sound Better.  Exclusive M-DAX processing restores the high frequency content often missing in compressed music files. The 3-position selector lets you choose just the right amount of processing to restore the often-missing high frequency content without adding distracting edginess.

    HDMI 1.4a for 3D and Return Channel
    The SR6005’s six (6) HDMI 1.4a inputs handle even the most comprehensive system effortlessly. With Audio Return Channel, you don’t need a separate TV-to-receiver audio cable to enjoy room filling sound from a game console or streaming video source. Pass Through in standby mode, makes it simple to engage the audio system in the display for those times when you do not wish to engage the all the loudspeakers.
    Its upconversion processing is done by an Anchor Bay processor that can process analog and digital signals.
    The on-screen display’s graphical user interface (GUI) now appears via HDMI for easy display on your main system screen. And you can adjust the volume indicator’s location for minimal interference with the picture.

    Audio Decoders
    Complementing the SR6005’s exceptional video capabilities is a full roster of audio modes. Among them, True HD/Digital Plus&EX/ Pro Logic IIz, IIx, II/Virtual Speaker/ Headphone and HD Master & High Res. Audio/ES/96/24/Discrete & Matrix6.1/ Neo:6/Express.
    You’ll also find dts Neural Surround and Dolby Virtual Speaker, both perfect for listening to two channel audio signals with the envelopment you’ve come to expect from surround sound sources.

    In addition, the SR6005 brings you the benefits of Audyssey’s MultEQ that analyzes your room’s acoustic properties and corrects for them. With MultEQ, you’ll always hear just what the artists and producers intended.

    Dual Subwoofer Outputs
    This is a feature I love.  I currently have a sub in the front of the room and one in the back in my theater and it creates an experience that puts the movie theaters to shame. 
    Ive noticed this to be the case for music and movies, even television.  The7.2 channel SR6005 makes adding a second sub easy.

    Built in HD Radio with Sirius Option

    The Sirius-ready tuner give you the best of satellite radio. And each of those 56 presets will store a Sirius channel in memory so you don’t have to look as a program guide to get maximum enjoyment. There are 56 presets, too (seven groups of 8 frequencies each) so you can store all your favorites for easy listening.

    Whatever you’re looking for – high definition video connectivity, superb sound quality, the latest surround formats, room correction, tuner flexibility, the Marantz SR6005 is an excellent futureproof option with more than enough features to satisfy your needs for the foreseeable future.  In the end, I searched pricing on this receiver.  At the MSRP $999.

    I am positive that the quality of the audio that comes through this receiver will blow you away, during movies or audio.  Marantz has been top of the line for years and it even looks pretty sleek :)

    Now the model just below this one is the SR5500, which has close to the same specs with 10W per channel less the inability to upconvert analog signals(which is really what requires upconverting, for the most part) and a zone two that isnt independant.(so you cant run a seperate source from it).  It runs for about $100-$200 less.
  • If you're looking for the model down? The Marantz SR-5005