Major US websites (gov,mil,edu) Hacked and For Sale

This one is a real shocker.  I had to include this for those of you who haven't heard. This information is from a report made by Imperva Data Security a couple days ago.

It appears technical knowledge isn't all that's required to obtain the government data that doesn't belong to you and is not publicly available.  Now you just need the money to pay those who have the skills and if they have not done it already they will do it for you.  Take a look this......

Look at some of these....The U.S. Department of Defense’s website access is listed at $399 for control of “full site admin, control/root access, high value informations.”

According to Imperva,“The victims’ vulnerabilities were probably obtained by SQL injection vulnerability automatic scanner and exploited in automatic manner, as the hacker published his methods in a post in some hacker forum,” Imperva said in a blog post.

This guys got some serious nuts, here it shows what hes charging.

While some think its a scam, Imperva shows on their site some of the data this hacker possesses, there`s screenshots of  hell, it looks like entire databases of names, phone numbers, addresses from multiple government sites.  This is insane.   I really hope these government agencies have this under control or there will be some serious backlash.

I am skeptical about everything ..... What do you guys think about this?