KEF Q300 Bookshelf Home Theater Speakers

KEF is a reputable Speaker manufacturer that I can recommend as I do own some of their technology and am extremely impressed by the quality of sound they create.
KEF Q300 Bookshelf speakers
Kef has created an excellent bookshelf speaker here.  These speakers are ideal for music or hometheater and with their compact size they are perfect for those with limited space looking for quality sound.  They have been manufactured by KEF with a new redesigned and implemented with their patented Uni-Q HF array.  Quoted from KEF, These speakers deliver all the benefits of the Uni-Q ‘point source’ configuration in its latest and most refined form: a more accurate sound image dispersed more evenly throughout the room than is possible with any conventional speaker.
Subjectively, it makes a huge difference. Because everyone in the room is enveloped in the same beautifully integrated three-dimensional sound image, viewing becomes more of a shared experience – and you no longer have to stay in the same spot to get the full enjoyment from your favourite tracks.
While for the most part I would take this quote with a grain of salt but I own speakers with this technology and they are some of the best speakers I have ever owned.  
They are built for use with any receiver outputing anywhere between 10-120W RMS, with bi-wire connectivity and are available in Black, Cherry and Walnut.

They also come in the KEF AV300 5.1 Speaker Package.

While the bookshelves may seem a little pricey at $599us.  There is no question about it.  In this price range, you will find no better quality sound.