Dream Speakers Galore * Mad Geniuses at work - Part 3

There is no shortage of unique speakers on this earth.  Built with completely insane and unbelievable numbers of woofers, amplifiers and power.  Not to mention prices.  If you would like to see more when you`re done here.

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CAT`s MBX powered speakers

These are CAT`s MBX powered speakers.  They are 5 Tons Each!  The speaker enclosures are over 8” thick and are constructed using a secret 16-ply Avonite lamination process developed by CAT exclusively. Inside of the enclosures you will find 22” subwoofers, 12” subwoofers, 9” woofers, 5.5” mid-range speakers and 1.25” tweeters. All powered by the included, custom and built-in amplifiers, totaling four in all. The system is capable of nearly 12,000-watts at more than a 100-db.  These speakers are painted with signature Ferrari red paint, and cost $500,000 per pair.

CAT MBX powered speakers ($500,000)

Perfect8 The Force Loudspeakers

Included Subwoofer
The Perfect8 Force loudspeakers take over 200 hours to manufacture.  This is just build time for just one set of speakers.  The loudspeakers are made with a proprietary type of glass that deadens as well as preventing any of the negative characteristics that normal glass would exhibit. The use of this extra thick glass adds on the pounds though, each speaker weighs over 350lbs and stands 6'7" tall. The loudspeakers use a single 63" true ribbon with FEM-optimized neodymium magnet system for the upper frequency range, and eight 7" proprietary drivers for the midrange/bass.  The proprietary glass used in the loudspeakers can be tinted to an assortment of colors at the buyer's request and four matching glass encased subwoofers are included in the price $277,000.
Perfect8 The Force ($277,000)
Grand Reference V by Nola

The Grand Reference V system consists of four towers altogether—two per channel—each standing seven feet tall. Each main tower weighs 300 pounds is made up of 19 drivers. Nine 4-inch ribbon tweeters and six 4-inch tri-laminate cone midrange drivers are mounted with their backsides exposed to the open air.  Two 8-inch magnesium-cone woofers are mounted below the tweeters and midranges and two more are mounted above, each in its own sealed chamber.
The separate subwoofer towers each weigh 400 pounds and house four 12-inch drivers in individual vented chambers to allow low distortion at high listening levels. The set of 4 Speakers goes for $189,000.

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