Dream Speakers Galore * Mad geniuses at work - Part 2

Olympic Sound System by Adam Audio
OSS Speaker is built with eight columns of twelve built-in amplifiers at 1000W RMS each.  Sixty individual drivers and "the brain" of digital signal processing.  These speakers are absolutely insane.  Developed by Adam Audio these speakers sell for $325,000 each.
Detailed specifications here

Magico Ulitmate

The Magico Ultimate speaker system is a five-way system housed in 7.5-foot aircraft-grade hard-anodized aluminum enclosures, featuring four pairs of high-grade compression drivers as well as a pair of subwoofers.  The system requires the use of 10 channels of premium amplification.  In other words you will have to power it and at a price of $375,000, its likely you`ll be spending about half a million to get the full effect.

Ulimate by Transmission Audio

Before showing you these I thought I would show you the diagram here to give you a grasp of the absolute madness/genius the engineers at Transmission Audio were feeling.

Now this speaker is an array of seven-foot tall panels loaded with a disgustingly beautiful number of speakers. Measuring in at nearly 19 feet wide, and loaded up with forty 15-inch sub-woofers and twenty-four 8-inches that doesnt even include the boatload of 2-inch and 1-inch ribbon tweeters and woofers.  The engineers who developed this product were mad geniuses.  I need these guys on my team.  It's said these speakers put out 146db SPL which has been compared to the sound of a “Formula 1 Race car, with 700 Horsepower” on the decibel chart.

Oh, I should have mentioned, the amazingly rediculous specifications I have described is just 2 channels.  So at $2,000,000 if you want to make a 7 channel surround system with these its going to cost you over 10 million.  Not to mention, the power requirements would probably be more than you use for your whole house already if you left these on.  That being said....... I want these speakers just for the sheer gratification of showing my electric bill to my buddies over a beer.

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