Denon DHT-391XP Home Theater in a Box

This is the Denon DHT-391XP Home Theater in a Box.  I heard this system the other day and I was impressed for a HTIB. 

Denon is a longstanding reputable Audio designer and manufacturer.  They`ve been around for almost a hundred years as a company and been designing and manufacturing quality audio for over 50 years.

This system Denon DHT-391XP HTIB is a home theater in a box but... not quite.  Its a Denon DHT-391 receiver that incorporates SYS-391HT a timber matched 5.1 speaker system features front left/right speakers, along with a center channel speaker that incorporates the same drivers for optimum acoustic matching along with surround speakers for an expansive surround sound effect.  I find wood speakers rare on current HTIBs and I think it should be a valued feature here. It also includes a powered subwoofer with a 100 watt amplifier 8” driver.

Denon’s AVR-391 A/V receiver has a lot of features which I think qualify the product as futureproof.
It has a wide array of high resolution audio decoders, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master as well as as well as Dolby Pro Logic IIx which features Music, Cinema and Game modes so it has a wide variety of sound options which make this a very attractive product at the price.

 Specifications for this product are as follows...
    *  Output power: 110 x 5 channels, 100W subwoofer
    *  Decoding processing: Dolby TrueHD / dts-HD Master Audio / Dolby Pro Logic IIx
    *  Satellite speakers: 5 speakers/ 75W each/ dual 3.15" mid-bass drivers/ 0.98" balanced dome tweeter
    *  Center speaker: Dual 3.15" mid-bass drivers/ 0.98" balanced dome tweeter
    *  Subwoofer: 100W 8" powered subwoofer
    *  Video connections: 4 HDMI v.1.4a inputs / 3 composite video inputs / 1 S-video input / 1 HDMI monitor out / 1 composite monitor out
    *  Audio connections: 1 HDMI v.1.4a Audio Return Channel / 1 digital optical in / 1 digital coaxial in / 2 audio preout / 1 3.5mm headphone jack / 1 dock control port

Denon DHT-391XP Back Panel

With the 4 HDMI 1.4a inputs, it supports 3D Blu-ray and broadcast compatibility. As well as 1080p video passthrough. Denons power ratings are listed accurately with true power ratings of 5 channels at 110 watts.

The Receiver also gives you the option to connect portable devices by featuring a 3.5mm stereo audio jack on the front panel, allowing a quick and easy connection. While most receivers might have this option, Denon Exclusively claims rights to a feature called a Compressed Audio Restorer function, which completely re-constructs the full audio frequency range, restoring lost high frequency detail (I havent used this feature so I cant vouch for it unfortunately).  This receiver supports HD audio, two Deep Color and xv color support, and support for optional iPod dock.

Now looking at this HTIB I see only one negative.  Depending on your needs however, it may not be a negative.  As you can see above on the rear view, there is limited connectivity for other devices(non HDMI) compared to some competitors.  Now really, if this isnt a concern to you this is an excellent buy. The Denon MSRP at $449.  Ill say one more time excellent deal for this product I would have guessed the price at probably $500 or $600 when I heard it.

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