Denon AVR-1910 Home Theater Receiver

My previous post on the Denon Home Theater in a Box raised a comment from PCTutorial requesting a review of the AVR-1910.  I've heard a few Denon high end products and this one actually caught my attention.  I would classify it as a Mid Level receiver and an excellent one at that.

Now The AVR-1910 is a 7.1 receiver with all the decoding capabilities you will need in the foreseeable future.  It supports 3D as well as the latest high resolution audio decoders, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby Pro Logic IIz.

I know I`ve repeated this fact several times but we need to Futureproof our technology purchases to get a good investment out of them.  This is a prime example again.  Dolby Pro Logic IIz is new Audio for surround systems that are 5.1, 7.1, 9.1.  Check it out in the HD video here.  For a more detailed explanation click this

With new graphical user interfaces (GUI), iPod connectivity, Denon’s single HDMI connectivity and HDMI 1.4a compatibility with Deep Color, xv-Color and Consumer Electronics Control (CEC).  Now this receiver also has video upconversion that is some of the better technology in the industry.  I`ve seen some competitors whose video upconversion sucks (for lack of a better term).  The value in such technology is especially evident when using analog inputs from a DVD player or a WII or something like that it will upconvert the signal to 1080p.  Now this is the latest Video Reference Series processor from Anchor Bay Technologies, providing analog-to-digital video deinterlacing and upconversion to HD, with both component and HDMI outputs, and features 1080p 24Hz/60Hz HDMI pass-through.

Full specifications here

For those of you worried about configuring settings... (in Denons` words), `Top audio fidelity is assured with Audyssey MultEQ room acoustic measurement and correction system, which analyzes the speakers and the listening room and automatically corrects the response for the smoothest, most natural tonal balance.`  Long story short...It`s a mic you plug in and it can configure your levels by placing it the listening position.  Some are better than others and the Audyssey system is a good one.  Onkyo uses these systems as well.  Recognize, when using any of these mic calibration systems, it is imperative you review the settings it chooses as no matter how good it is its likely you`ll have to make some changes to work with your ear and get the best sound.

As you can see here, connectivity won`t be an issue for analog devices you may be using and being multi-zone capable as well as 7.1 ready this receiver could be an excellent investment.  With all the features this receiver has and 80 wpc RMS, this receiver could last for countless years while allowing you to take advantage of the newest technologies.  To top it off I believe this receiver will give one of the better sound qualities if not best sound you`ll find for its price range.

Some of you have commented that Denon is an overpriced manufacturer in general and I agree.  I think every manufacturer overprices their products.  I don`t think I would buy anything at the MSRP.  This is an example of a receiver that will have better sound quality than most of the options available in its price range.  With that being said, again there is no way I would buy it at the MSRP.  So keep looking for a deal, this would be worth it.  During my search I found some excellent prices in the $400 range($419 Amazon) but the MSRP is $549.