Velodyne Impact 12 -Building an affordable home theater: Subwoofers(4.3)

Velodyne has been another reputable Home Theater Audio designer and manufacturer for over 25 years.

Velodyne Impact 12

This is a subwoofer that I would classify as a mid level subwoofer choice. 

The Impact 12 Velodyne has a 12-inch, forward-firing woofer with a coated fiber cone driven by a two-inch, dual-layer, copper-wound voice coil.  All this is concealed inside an inconspicuous and acoustically neutral cabinet with a down-firing port.  The enclosure has a black ash wood-grain finish with black gloss trim and a removable speaker grill.

Now regarding power, this sub is in a different class from those I previously reviewed. It operates at 165 watts of RMS continuous power with a 275-watt dynamic peak. Its frequency-response range is 29Hz - 140Hz (at +/- 3dB), with a full-range high-pass crossover and a low-pass crossover of 50Hz - 200Hz.

The rear panel has a signal-sensing automatic on-off function with an LED power mode indicator, volume and crossover-frequency controls, and a phase-control switch.  This sub as many on the market also has the LFE input that can be used as either a stereo sub in with left and right RCA cables or as a mono sub in by connecting the left channel input to a mono sub out on an audio-video receiver. They also have two speaker-level stereo inputs and outputs with wire connectors.

Full specifications here

Now in my opinion, this sub is an excellent buy at $329 which was the lowest price I found it for.  I have always been a fan of Velodyne subwoofers and when it comes to parts and craftsmanship i could guarantee this is a company  you can trust.  The Impact 12 is covered by a five-year warranty on the drivers and a three-year warranty on the electronics.  This is better than many warranties.  This is a product I will recommend.