Biggest and most Powerful Subwoofer in the World

Danley Sound Labs created the world’s largest, most-powerful subwoofer.  They called it the Matterhorn. 

Specification is -3dB @ 12 Hz and flat from 15-80 Hz. It will do 105 dB @ 250 meters.
In other words, no matter what you`re driving or how many subs you have in your car.  It cant compare.  In fact if you drove by this thing it would probably blast the windows out of your car.  Seriously.  It can go 2 octaves below any sub on the market.

A little history on this Bad Boy.

The Matterhorn was a subwoofer model completed in March 2007 by Danley Sound Labs in Gainesville, Georgia after a U.S. military request for a loudspeaker that could project infrasonic waves over a distance.  Its also been said, the U.S. Military required the production of this Sub to accurately reproduce the sonic impact of battle field explosions for combat simulation training.  The Matterhorn was designed to reproduce a continuous sine wave from 15 to 20 Hz, and generate 94 dB at a distance of 250 meters (820 ft), and more than 140 dB for music playback measured at the horn mouth.

15" 1000W RMS Subwoofer(not used in this product)

The container doors swing open to reveal a tapped horn driven by 40 long-throw 15-inch speaker drivers each powered by its own 1000-watt amplifier.

At the annual National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) convention in March 2007, the Matterhorn was barred from making any loud demonstrations of its power because of concerns about damaging the building of the Orange County Convention Center.  Instead, using only a single 20 amp electrical circuit for safety, visitors were allowed to step inside the horn of the subwoofer for an "acoustic massage" as the fractionally powered Matterhorn reproduced low level 10–15 Hz waves.

How you ask?

Heres what you will need:

Empty Cargo container

- x40 Subwoofers
- x40 1,000 Watt amplifiers
- 20' x 8' x 8' Cargo container
- 53 Sheets 4' x 8' 18mm 13 ply Baltic Birch plywood
- 645 feet of 3" x 3" 1/4" angle iron
- 23 feet of 4" x 4" square steel tubing
- 39 feet of 1" x 1" X 1/4" angle iron
- 23 lbs of .030 welding wire
- 95 Tubes of heavy duty construction adhesive
- 1100 feet of 12 Gauge speaker cable
- Approx. 5000 screws and bolts
40X1000W Amplifiers
- $200 worth drill bits
Building Enclosure

Next, get the cargo container ready and don`t forget 40x1000w amplifiers.  Oh ya, and the 40x Subwoofers so each gets 1000w.

Twist some wires plug in and press play!

The worlds Largest Subwoofer - MATTERHORN