TRON Legacy * IMAX 3D

Taking a break from the Home Theater series I've been posting I had provide my review accompanied with some HD videos.

Genre : Science Fiction
Time : 127 minutes
Produced by Disney in IMAX 3D

After his father(Kevin Flynn, played by Jeff Bridges), CEO of ENCORP disappears his son, estranged and orphaned Sam Flynn (Played by Garrett Hedlund) lives a tortured rebellious life. 20 years later Alan Bradley, AKA Tron (played by Bruce Boxleitner) comes to Sam one day with a message from his father....and thats where it all begins.  I'm going to leave it there.

TRON LEGACY (Action, Sci-Fi, Adventure) New Trailer HD-1080

I saw this last night and fuck the reviews.  This movie was awesome.  Now I watched the old one before I went to see this movie and while that may be tedious for those who haven't seen it before, I think its worth it for some back story.  I saw it originally and I didn't remember most of the movie. Sorry, this is the best quality trailer I could find on this one.
As it was in 1982 this movie again is groundbreaking.  I saw it in IMAX 3D and its one of the best movies I've seen in the theater the visual and audio effects are stunning.  These are the kind of movies Home Theaters were built for.  The sound is amazing highs, lows (crazy bass) and an amazing array of frequencies of sound in between.  If you can view this in IMAX 3D do it.  I'm not so sure the regular theater would have had the same effect.  I've watched movies in 3D before and I always have to watch it again because it ruins movies usually, in my opinion.  This movie on the other hand was entirely made from scratch for IMAX 3D and blows anything I've seen in there out of the water.  Its been said that this movie had a $300,000,000 budget.

Even if it was a bomb, which it wasn't, I needed to see it to see what the hell cost that kind of cash.

Long story short ignore what anyone tells you about this flick.  I was told right before I left the acting sucks and there is no storyline.  I disagree completely.  However this guy in this clip was probably the worst actor in the movie.  Now I am a total Science Fiction HO, mostly because of what it does with Home Theaters and with that being said I give Tron Legacy a 9/10.
This movie clearly set itself up for another sequel and I'll be there.

Oh ya, Daft Punks soundtrack worked with this movie like gravy.

They're clearly planning on creating a franchise here to make their $300 000 000 back heres a trailer for the game, Tron Evolution.