Too Expensive??!!!

I`ve received comments about reviewing Car Audio.  My original intention was to move on to this once I`ve completed the "affordable home theater" section here. Cooperlife as well as others requested that I stay under $1000.  These posts are intended to help you save money and acquire quality.  If you cannot or will not spend over $1000 take a look at some of my earlier posts. Dont get me wrong; Under $1000 can totally be done but if you`re going to get a quality and somewhat futureproof product that will last, you`ll be cutting it close.  Sometimes (well actually most times) its a matter of finding some local store with an awesome deal, I speak from experience.  Hopefully these posts can give you a better idea of what to look for to get quality when you see these deals at an even lower price.

Check it out, I would recommend it over any HTIB at $399.  Thats why I recommended the Onkyo system in the Recommended Starter System Post because I started a similar way.  My posts then moved on to speakers, to essentially show that even if your broke, over time this can be done.  The Onkyo in that post is a standalone receiver with a good 5.1 speaker system included; you can upgrade the speakers to towers or whatever as time progresses and it can power good speakers.   You take other HTIB options and you end up throwing in the garbage or installing it on your toilet because you want a real system at some point in the future.  Honestly, doing this will cost you more in the end because you'll go through them as tech progresses, and you have essentially wasted your money.  

I realize you want it now and want to spend nothing? Honestly if you have no problem buying it and accepting it will be garbage in a matter of 2 years at best or more likely as soon as 6 months.  I covered that here

Believe me I couldn't afford it all at one time either, in the beginning I've bought a lot of crap and I've gone through a lot of trial and error.  I'm just posting about what I know to save some of you the hassle.  Knowledge is your best bargaining tool with salesman.

Well actually, there are other options :)

If you really want to save you could go with this guys system when you're watching the Matrix.
I'm sure he would give it to you free to avoid Disposal fee. :)

Seriously though, the affordable price of the next reviewed speakers with a receiver could easily be under $1000.