Nissan iV - Concept Car

Found some crazy tech here for you guys.

This car was designed by Mazda designers.  Its a high performance EV or Electric Vehicle thats a super lightweight tourer.  Mazda refers to the revolutionary manufacturing technique that is "cultivated" in a 100% sustainable, carbon-neutral process. 

Now this is where it gets good. every element of the car is engineered to be renewable, lightweight, strong and efficient.  It features an organic chassis which is synthetically grown and formed into an aerodynamic shape.  Derived from fast-growing ivy and re-enforced with spider silk composite the bio-polymer frame is flexible, strong and light.  
The canopy collects solar power. and a slim bio-battery provides stability and a limitless range made possible by regenerative super-capacitor technology that recoups 60% of kinetic energy spent.

Nissan's patented concentric hub-less in wheel motors propel the vehicle and control the steering and the suspension system via magnetic levitation and propulsion.  

Now before you take of your shirt and get all oiled up to roll out with your body glistening through your new transparent solar collecting canopy keep in mind this design has a theoretical production year of 2035  :(

I have no idea what is going on in this cellphone add I came across but, its Darth Vader I'd let him ride shotgun if there was a passenger seat in my Nissan iV and if he wasn't such a smartass.

I know you've probably seen this one but this ad got me thinking.