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Microsoft Surface:

Do you remember this?

I was thinking about adds I saw for this product years ago and I thought I would look into it because I've never seen it :(
Its like 3 years later and the whole marketing campaign was making it look like we'd all be sitting around these things everywhere we went.  Much to my dismay I guess it wasn't in their interest to market it to consumers.  Its an excellent concept but it appears that they sell commercial and developer units for around $15000.  I suppose the world wasn't ready to implement the next Microsoft master plan.  Looking at this video again it looks like an quite impressive product that could have a lot of useful applications.  It made me curious.  Has anyone actually seen commercial units being used by any business? for their own or consumer use?  I'm just wondering whos using this product. 

JATECH, LLC : Disappearing Car Doors

I came across this one and thought it was pretty cool piece of technology.  A feature such as this in a car would prove invaluable especially in highly populated areas with limited parking.  Considering you don't have to open your door.  It just disappears.  Well anyways this video will show you the practical applications for this technology.  Me? All I care about is that it looks really cool.  I want it. 

It does appear they are still in the prototype stage and I've been unable to determine if there is a date in which they're putting this technology into mass production or if they will at all.  I don't see why they wouldn't though, I'm sure it would benefit the disabled greatly.  It appears they've only installed on Lincolns as seen in this video, so far.  If you get a quote from anyone on these let me know.
more information? Jatech http://www.disappearing-car-door.com/dcd/company-jatech-llc/faqs/