KEF iQ and Q Series Loudspeakers

KEF iQ/Q Series Loudspeakers
Classic iQ90

KEF is a company that has been producing acoustic products and loudspeakers for nearly 50 years.  It appears every time someone sees the system in my living room it is comprised of KEF speakers and I find it interesting that its not well known.  I thought as a result I would give you a review on them because they are some of the most clear power speakers ever.
UNI-Q Driver

Uni-Q is a proprietary KEF driver design.  In the Uni-Q design the voice coils of the 6.5" mid-bass driver and 0.75" tweeter are time aligned in order to achieve a 'point source' design where all sounds emanate from the same point in space. As a result, interference between the sound waves from separate drivers is minimized and the results provide a coherent sound quality with wide dispersion characteristics. A coherent speaker presents a sound wave as if listening to a single driver for all frequencies, not separate drivers interconnected by a crossover and is one of the most important and often overlooked characteristics of accurate music reproduction.

Simply put this technology creates a clear crisp sound and expands the "sweet spot".  As you can see below home theater systems and movie soundtracks create a sound field that has a perfect spot where you get "perfect sound".  Now its rare you find me giving such praise to a companies signature technology like I will with this uni-Q technology".  It claims to expand this "sweet spot" and I can attest to that.  This is in fact why I have these KEFs in my living room.  They provide a better experience as a for several viewers on the couch.  My theater is using JBLs' which are clear loudspeakers and I love them but they don't have this ability;  They're sound is clearly more directed and the fact that its a 7.2 surround system compensates for that issue.  Granted, bigger rooms may make this problem less noticeable.  As a 5.1 system I highly recommend the KEF Q and iQ series as I've been listening for a year and haven't had one complaint.

All KEF model speakers come with nearly all colors of esthetically pleasing wood finishes and thankfully they are some of the best looking speakers out there.  They can prove quite expensive as the pricing is generally per speaker except for the smaller bookshelves (which implements the same uni-Q technology).  I didn't quote any prices in this review because it appears the bookshelf iQ30 are in the $350cdn range for a pair and up from that to iQ90s'.  I saw the new Q series that tops out at $1598cdn per speaker for the Q700 as seen here.  Looking online I saw massive variations for several models of the Classic IQ Series speakers and as a result if you're looking at these speakers make sure you compare pricing and find a good deal.

I will always recommend.  Try before you buy. End of the day, 500 people could tell you something is the best product.  Everyone has their preference and is the final judge especially when its your money.