Dream Speakers Galore - Christmas

Before I cut this series over to Subwoofers I thought I would help some of you out....
Are you trying to think of some last minute gift ideas for that special someone?
I thought I'd post a couple of ideas here this Christmas Eve.

Here we have some PVC speakers with a very attractive look like the pipes for your sewage.  They are called Sea Cucumbers and they are intended for use with an Ipod or computer speakers.  A pair goes for only $199.

Forgot to get the tree this year?  Check it out. You can just wrap lights around this Tree trunk stereo system. 

 Salk Sound‘s speakers here the "HT 4" weighs 155 lbs, stands about 42″ high and are said to be capable of delivering “a very accurate recreation of what you would hear in a concert hall or other live venue.”   Now one of these speakers which each includes a 12" Sub mid and tweeter with a ported box sells for 18,000

 This I found very interesting.  I've never seen such a concept.  A speaker stand with all the speakers built in.  Evesham Technology has taken the fairly ugly stand for large televisions and made it functional by adding nine speakers to it. That is four front speakers, two rear speakers, two center speakers and a subwoofer.  The stand comes completely prewired and includes a sound processing unit and amplifier. For those of you who have to buy a stand and want to avoid the hassle of wires.....$600 and you just plug into this. Done.  Gotta admit, your buddies will think your a bad ass with this thing at the front of the room.

Now heres a gift for that special someone who wants to subject the world to his/her shitty music. You can plug your iPOD/MP3 player into this and wander around pissing everyone off with your ugly hard shelled 2 speaker backpack. They call it the Reppo II Backpack it`s a product design by Joonas Saaranen. Just imagine the possibilities.  You could prevent conversation everywhere you go just blasting this thing out.  Believe me, if you haven't been classified as a total HO in your neighborhood?This will do it!

Now if your looking to impress your boyfriend, or anyone for that matter you always want to go all out.  Well your search is over.  Here we have the Grand Enigma by Kharma.
Their mission statement is as follows:
     "Our goal is to provide true music lovers with an experience going beyond any imagination. That we are    succeeding can be measured by a growing group of satisfied customers as well as some rewards we are happy to receive."
Now at mere $1,000,000 a speaker this experience better be beyond imagination.  Hell anyone within close proximity better have an orgasm when I turn these puppies on or I want my money back. 

Now I hope that I was of some assistance to any of you who were unsure about what to get that special someone.  If not, I hear Santas got a new helper with some inside information into the technology game. Maybe he`ll hook you up!

Otherwise, I guess you`ll be `riding dirty`.  Literally!
HO HO HO! Merry Christmas.